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Monza76 wrote:
The images are great but I must agree with an earlier post, aperture priority is always preferred when depth of field is an issue, in shutter priority mode you must change the shutter speed to get the aperture you want but in aperture priority mode you set for DOF and let the shutter speed go where it may (tripod is a big plus here).
I use a shutter speed of 1/125S to ensure camera shake is kept to minimum when shooting hand - the aperture consequently will always be whatever it will be.
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kit lens..

this is a pretty good lens. just wish it had a little more reach.
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i also noticed that you cannot set aperture when in macro mode. it is set at f8.0. this DOES screw up dof. dof is not too much of a concern when your subject presents in a flat plane (see the coin pics) but is very much a concern for flower pics. so far, i have not solved the problem of the flower lip being out of focus while the throat is in focus, which has been my goal through camera upgrades . . . oly c-5050 to k-m a200 and now pentax ds.

i guess, for now, i will have to forego macro mode in favor of av priority. hopefully, a dedicated 50mm or 100mm macro lens will solve this problem for me. i WILL get sharp, detailed, in focus, close-up pics of my orchids, if it kills me (and it just might)!

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i don't know what the problem is.. the macro mode is for people who point and shoot. i set it up one time just to see what it does. with everyone wanting to make adjustments in the macro mode you are just defeating what pentax set up to help folks that are too stupid to use the prioity modes. only thing i use is AV and M. i can however set it up exactly as in the macro mode--but why would i settle for preset settings when every shot i take is different. nough said.

actually, the question is, ''is there control over DOF''. YES--go to Av or M and set the aperture to is highest setting(smallest hole).. that's how you control DOF.
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