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IMO: I just sold a D70, and bought the DS. Main reason: Moire in the D70! Look at that great shot of the Ferris wheel at the Navy peer, that the Pentax shot. The Nikon would have made a MESS of all those geometric shapes ("spokes" - whatever they are) in the wheel. Sometimes just "interference" and odd patterns between the parallel lines, etc. (like Johnny Carson's ties "flashing" on old TV cameras), other times, actually flashing effects when in view mode! Second reason: no contest on weight, size, balance, etc. - Pentax all the way. Focusing speed has not been a problem with me, but I don't shoot sports, etc. However, I'm taking pictures with the DS, the D70 just sat for mostof the months I had it! It's hard to articluate, but the DS just seems more like a camera should be, to me - it's "kinda like" a good 35mm SLR to me, not a foreign object!
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The Pentax has same sensor as D70 so only image difference will be down to lens and post capture processing if jpg used. In terms of body specs the ist DS ismore compact but still solid feel.Also viewfinder on Pentax is far better than D70. AA batts are a plusand I like SD cards over more obsolete CF. The Pentax can produce stunning pictures. My only gripe is quality control in manfacturing. Assembly in Philiphines is not preferably to Japan as far as I'mconcerned. Not just judging,I'm on my second replacement ist DS body and thissecond body has been sent to Pentax under warranty to fix an intermittent bad image capturingproblem. Now is OK, but for how long?! Overall, excellent camera when it's firing on all cylinders, just a worry about long term reliability. Maybe DS2 has ironed out these gremlins...don't hold your breath.
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