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I think when you look at Pentax DFA and DA lens series, and their roadmap for the future, they are going to have lens which are designed for digital, but have ability to support a larger sensor - DFA's, and more cost effective lens for the 2/3's sensor - the DA's. The choice we will have is whether to go with older, full frame lens's which are not designed for digital, with the DA's which are, and are more cost effective (vs. other NEW lens), and the DFA's which, I think, will support full size sensors and are designed for digital, but will be more expensive. This is true whether we stay within the Pentax lens line or go to Sigma, etc.

For the near term, I think that full size sensors are going to go on large, top of the line, cameras. Maybe Pentax will suprise us here, with something smaller and more cost effective, but the roll out of a large number of DA lens, signals to me that Pentax will continue with a 2/3's sensor for a while, maybe for a very long time.

It's hard for me to quibble with the picture quality from the 2/3's sensor on the istDS. As for near term lens' purchases, I think I am looking for a fast prime - I like what I have heard about the 40mm DA, but want to look at the 50mm DFA macro (or an older, faster FA). I promised myself I would not get intoa lens buying spree after the istDS purchase, the kit lens is doing fine, so will see if I can just window shop for a while.
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If this "Sony Pentax" is 4 real, imho this would be the BEST news for Pentax! Think about it - all of a sudden Pentax could take on Canon straight on and bypass Nikon completely. Why? For one thing, the CCD sensor would now be inhouse and available to Pentax first, thereby putting it in the same league as Canon. This would be a huge advantage. We all know that Pentax can make a great product. If they reorganize and ramp-up production, with Sony's clout they would have distribution everywhere in N. America right along side Canon. Pentax has historically made compact well-made slrs for the masses. So we know that with the right kind of marketing/distribution and production quantities, Pentax could actually take a large segment of the consumer dslr market which is just poised to explode over the next 1 - 3 years. Pentax could become THE player with a complete lineup of inexpensive quality dslrs! No matter what happens, expect a simplified ds in the $500 range next year, with an upspec ds-II (8 mp $700) and just possibly also a$1200 "d-II" with ??

I really hope this "Sony Pentax" is true. This is exciting!
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Sony does not make the type of product that Pentax does quality wise and if they buy Pentax the quality will go down to the Sony level, not up to the Pentax level.

Sony makes electronic devices designed to make a large profit margin, with marginal quality control. This buy out will be the death of Pentax as we know it and turn it into the same type of electronic gadget that Sony now sells.

This merger will definately put Nikon and Canon in the class side of SLR digital photography and the Pentax SLR will become a fancy point and shoot.

If this is true this is bad!

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We will just wait and see, like you say, if it's true it would be VERY big news and could put Pentax in the for front in a matter of a very short time.

It would be a win win for both companies.

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