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I just got a Pentax *ist SD and when playing with it, I notice that it has a long delay (on the order of 2-5 seconds) between when I press the shutter and when it actually takes the picture. Sometimes, it doesn't take the picture at all. The camera is on the auto mode, but even trying it on motion, macro, normal, etc it's as though it can't decide what I'm trying to take a picture of. Or as though if the picture won't come out properly, it just plain won't take it. Sometimes, you want a picture even if it's not very good.

Is there a setting on the camera that we have set improperly? I'm finding nothing but good reviews about the camera, but I can't believe that everyone is satisfied with it refusing to take pictures and having a very slow response time. My daughter even tried putting the camera on totally manual (manual focus, manual aperature and manual shutter speed) and it *still* wouldn't take the picture.

Are we doing something wrong, or is this camera just not for us?

Thank you.
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Id say the unit is faulty. If everything is set to manual, it will take the picture instantly even if it is out of focus/wrong exposure.

Is there any message on the LCD display while its turned on? Maybe the SD card is locked.

The only trouble I have with autofocus is in low light and depening on the lens i use sometimes it cracks the shits with it. Also when there are meany things for it too choose, like lots of grass/dense bush forexample. Try setting only the center AF point.
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From what I understand, if the focus isn't locked, then the shutter will not function i.e you can't take the picture.

Did you buy the 'kit lens' or another DA lens to go with the *istDS.

Recently, I fitted a Pentax M lens which needed the 'Aperature Ring' set to 'Enabled' before the lens was recognised BUT was also prevented from taking a picture unless the focus had locked; setting it to manual focus enabled the shutter.

One last thing, go into the menu and use the reset function to set things back to default, set the mode switch to 'P'and try it again.

Notwithstanding the above, if you have a *istDS with 'kit lens', then I'd return to the store for the dealer to advise & if it still malfunctions, I'd insist on a replacement.
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Hi, I'm with the others here.

I've just got mine and although it's no EOS (it more than makes up for it in other areas) it certainly snaps into focus in less than a second.



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