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robar wrote:
Nols wrote:
Hello all. I'm in the same boat as Nagootie here and while we're in this subject, I just want to ask what are the differences/advantages between choosing the older MF lenses and the newer FA lenses. I was canvassing the prices of lenses here and I noticed that the FA 28-105mm costs almost $200 more than the manual 28-105mm. I can the understand the advantages and need for speed -especially if your a photojournalist. But what about for many who are just hobbyists like me?:?

htere is no difference in speed if you know how to focus manually. actually manual in a lot of instances is faster. i remember when an autofocus cam did not exsist. nobody complained about how long it took to focus because it was just something you had to do, you got good at it. this is something that really pi$$ed me off when people complain about hte shutter lag time. He!!,, using a manual focus cam, no one ever complained because they never took in the fact that they were doing the focusing themselves and it wasn't considered lag time god, people [email protected]!!!!!! they had their own lag time but never noticed.. oh well: time for bed, i always have lag time before i sleep.
Robar: You're right, we all forget quickly. It's sort of like the people that complain nowbecause the Concorde is out of service that it takes over 7 hours to fly to Europe. They forget that that trip used to be several days at best by boat.
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Hands down the most retarded analogy I have ever heard right above this post.

You're wrong. Just because technology allows us to autofocus now does not remove ones right to complain about it in a desire for better/faster technology.

If this is the fact then no one should have complained about the quality/clarity of cable TV because hey, back in the day they used rabbit ears. If we follow your logic then where would HDTV be today?

Times they do change don't they.

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not sure what you mean in you're post..

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I just bought an *ist DS partly because of shutter lag time in my old Nikon Coolpix 995. It wasn't about a disinclination to focus manually. I owned two 35 mm SLRs over 25 years and was fine about focussing manually. I also know how to focus, lock and then take the shot when ready. It was the time from pressing the shutter release button to actual shot.

The last straw was trying to take a shot of my Australian Shepherd gambolling in the (rare) Vancouver snow. I pressed the button and by the time the shutter actually released, he was being humped by another dog! I suppose that shot had its own perverse merits also, but it wasn't what I was aiming for.

In my very brief usage of the new Pentax, that sort of problem hasn't arisen.
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