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I just ordered mine, online,today! $619. I waited about eight months. I find the camera houses in NY are closed-Jewish holiday?

I'm handing an UZI over to my brother, and I *hope* I like the DS better ...

I have:

50mm f2

20-80 OE silver plastic lens

80-200 Sears lens

I've got a few misc others 500mm, 2x rear tc, etc. which'll need a M42 adapter.

I got pretty good adjusting the UZI, so having the controls on the lens should be an improvement. The UZI had a manual focus viewfinder 'zoom' that really worked well. I hope the SLR mirror thing equals this feature.

The UZI has 38-380, so I don't have the versatility w/o carrying half a dozen lenses.

I'll be using these, and my old SD cards for a while. Anyone have any suggestions?

My budget is going to be pretty slim for a month or two.

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but what's an UZI???

how about a link
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UZI=Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom Image stabilized. Do a search and you'd be amazed at the following! http://misheli.image.pbase.com/u46/p...904723.UZI.jpg
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Well, I have it. Butterfly shipped$619, just had to call and tell 'em I didn't wan't anything else.
The veiwfinder gives a better depth, BUT focus not as clear as the UZI 'zoom' manual focus. It shoots really dark on the auto lens intermittently.
Took me a while to find the menu to allow manual aperture ring.

The manual sucks, full of misspellings, and seems like it was computer translated- just doesn't make sense. After reading the manual, I'm starting to think Pentax is a kinda sketchy organization.
Even with a 28-80 (42-120) it isn't near as wide as the UZI 38-380. I figured it'd be close- I wonder if the crop factor is actually 1.5 or a lttle more ...
I'm going to end up spending a ton on lenses. I think the 17-45 sigma/tamron or whatever'll be my first one. I see Pentax has a 16-45 4.0 lens, but no aperature ring!?!?!?! And it doesn't fit film cameras
I don't know what I'm going to do for telephoto. I shot a few with a rear 2x tcon and they look really sketchy.

A couple of Q's for DS owners:

-Where's the light meter on this thing? Right now app/shtr blinks if it thinks the exposure will be under/over exposed.
-Is there a dif in quality of rear tcon's?
-All the accessories- Bulb release, remote, battery grip, veiwfinder zooms- the manual mentions- aren't on the website or are explained poorly (sketchy organization?) Could anyone give me a heads-up on these? The remote- could this be used in place of the bulb release? The manual said so, but you'd have to hold the button!!!

-any RCRV-3 to stay away from?

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