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I know what DoF is but I am having the hardest time understanding and making the adjustments with the istD.

I found it a lot easier with the SP and ME - too many buttons and things to remember on the istD - must be getting old(er).

Anyway, know of any tutorials or sites specific to the istD which might help?

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Not much to know. Higher f-stops (smaller apeture) will give maximum depth of field - defined as the area of acceptable sharpness. Widest apetures have very shallow depth of fields - like when you take a photo of a flower, the flower is in focus and the background is all blurry. Anything outside the depth of field will not be focused.

The depth of field preview is your friend. When you mount a lens, it is opened to the widest apeture to give the most light to the viewfinder. Clicking DOF prievew will stop the lens down to what ever apeture is set (use Av or M mode to do this). It will allow you to see what is focused etc in the view finder before taking the picture (although it will get darker as you stop it down to the smaller apetures because there is less light)

Hope this helps, anyone here can answer more specific questions, but what exactly dont you understand - i can give a more specific answer
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From what I know (very little), DOF is lens-specific. Anyway, here's a link to a luminous landscape article that might help. It contains a link to a free software download to compute DOF.


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