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daz wrote:
I have the DS. To call it a cable release is a little misleading if you a use to the old manual cable release. It plugs in the side and the plug is the same size as the plug used on most cell phone headsets. I think you can even cut the headset off and use the mute button to trigger the camera.

Thanks DAZ and HeathGlen much appreciated. I guess I should get used to calling it a cable switch. Maybe I should find a headset and try it out before dishing-out the money.

I have the Remote which I used last week for the fireworks, for the first time. I didn't find it very comfortable either. And, it took me a while to remember to preset for the IR. Glad I got there ahead of time.

Thanks again guys appreciate it.

I went out and bought the Belkin (F8V920ttAFB) ActiFlex Boom Hands-Free and can confirm it works. Had to cut-off the miki first otherwise it is activated as soon as the mike hears a noice - works fine and at less then $10 US it's a good expenditure.

I got it at the Source/Radio Shack.

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How'd your fireworks pix turn out? I'm so excited about shooting fireworks now after last week. It's not like you get to go out and try different experiments whenever you want to though. LOL.
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Any more info for the release for the DS? A link or links would be nice. Thanks.
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