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I recently purchased a Miranda 135mm f/2.8 manual lens on eBay for my Pentax *ist DS. It's fast becoming my favourite lens!

Not only is it the equiv. of a 200mm f/2.8 on my *ist DS, I'm also shocked by how sharp some of the photos I've got from it are. Probably nowhere near as sharp as a really expensive lens, but they're sharp compared to what I'm used to They seem to have an extra bite to them.

The best part was I only paid £15 for it, including postage! So I guess it pays to hunt for a bargain, you don't always need to spend a ton to get a good lens. I've attached a piccy I took with the lens, not really the best to show off its sharpness, but hopefully it's an okay photo

Edward ( http://photos.edgladwin.com/ )
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looks like a nice deal.
i bought a cheapie on ebay as a whim. $9 or about 5quid delivered. the lens was only $1.75. what did i get? a front and rear lens cap and a soft bag. and some experience at lens breakdown. it had so much fungus in it you could barely see through it. i've got parts to make something tho.
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I've just picked up a Tokina 70-210 f4-5.6 for £15 inc p+p.
(The old push-pull to zoom, twist to focus)
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Nice photo!! I've been thinking of jumping into some old manual lenses too. Need the adapter first. Will have to get one and start hunting. It's not bad being able to pick up good optics at those prices! Cheers...........thekman.
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The Tokina I picked up is a K-mount with an A setting as well as manual apertures -- it gives a nice contrasty viewfinder image for manual focussing.

I haven't tried any screw mount lenses with an adaptor (yet!) as I have a fair collection of K-mount ones from my film days, ranging from a 16mm Zenitar up to a 400mm pre-set Soligor (I think that one's due for replacement next.:lol: ) I've also just picked up a viewfinder refconverter and copy-pod.

Good fun isn't it?


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