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I think the quality of the NiMH battery has a a lot to do with it too. I have two sets of rechargeable NiMH batteries for my DL, good quality ones. Never had a problem with finding any flat ones on changing batteries in mid shoot.

Bought a Sigma flash recently and got another 2 sets of rechargeable NiMH batteries but decided to cut some costs and bought some cheap import ones.

If you use them straight away they are not bad, but leave them 2 weeks in your camera bag and they were dead as a door nail.

So you get what you pay for, cheap is "cheap and nasty", pay the extra couple of bucks and get brand name NiMH that HOLD a charge for a few weeks.
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New theory, length of time affects battery charge just as much; my three sets all go dead at the same time; the ones in the camera, and the two backups in my bag!

I run out of juice, switch to the backups, a few shots; dead.
I experienced the same thing with my Energizer 2500mAh and I have nine sets of them (for my DL and my kids' toys). After a week in the bag as backup they register 'flat' when loaded into the DL.Maybe it is because theyhave not been cycled ten times yet, as someone suggested, in order to reach full capacity.

I use the MAHA charger.
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Mostly anecdotal observation, but my 2500 mAh Powerex's, which according to my Lacrosse, charge to near 2700 mAh, last for weeks on my DS. I'm not sure how many pictures I take in this time, but most of the action is on weekends, so the camera may sit in its bag for the majority of the week. In any case, I'm continually surprised at how much usage I get before they get low.

Also, I had a set 4 that were charged to full, then let set in a plastic case for a couple weeks. When I topped them off with the recharger, it added about 500 mAh (I think).

I would say that where you put the batteries would make a difference. Making sure the battery contacts are covered by electrically insulative material when stored will make them last longer; i.e., plastic case. Open air exposure would tend to allow more bleed - humid air more than dry air. If you just let the batteries float loosely (or tied together with rubber band) in a bag, I imagine their environment would provide a weak circuit (contact with air, other materials) of sorts by which they'll bleed charge. I've not experimented to test the significance of each of these situations, so it'd be interesting if somebody can comment on that.

A clever project might be to come up with a storage case that so well insulates the battery contacts that they can't bleed any charge in the time you would reasonably store them.
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I plan to charge up one set and monitor each cell's voltage daily. Will report when I am done.

I use a plastic case (given by Thomas Distributing where I bought them) to storeeach set of fourcells when they are in the bag.
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