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i was going out the door stepping over a child gate with my DS+50mm+36mm extention tube. my foot hung in the strap and the cam was ripped from my hand. it bounced at least three times before coming to a rest. i was yelling NO NO NO thru out the episode.. i figured that was that but all is well. no scratches, damage at all!!!
so it seems the DS can take a beating.. unfortunately, it was me that got to discover it.. i guess the moral of this story is that the strap has a place--- around you neck..
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OH-- forgot to add that this all happened on CONCRETE, no rugs..
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Ouch, although the DS seems pretty well built to me and looks like it could take a bit of punishment. Whats the internals anyway?

The worst thing ive done, is stand a lens on my desk. The lens knocked over. I heard a bang.. something rolling, turn around to see my 200mm zoom dropping off the edge onto the floor. Still ok though, phew
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Hey Roy;

Check with your home insurance agent. You can get "no risk" insurance on that DS for a very very very tiny amount of money. I pay about $60/year for all my lenses and bodies. If I drop it off a bridge, it's covered. If I fall on my face and it goes *splat*, it's covered.

Check with your agent and they can tell you if it works the same in the US.

And, I'm glad the DS is sturdy. I've been treating it with kid gloves.....


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i think after looking at the lens , i realize that the lens was not damaged because i still had the reversing body cap adapter i made still on it. evidently it did give the lens some plastic protection. i'm sure that as hard as it hit the lens would be toast now without it..
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