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Being a Pentax user for the last 15 years, I am hoping to continue my association with Pentax. Starting out on a K1000, moving to a Z-50 and now a proud owner of the *ist Ds, I love the quality that Pentax delivers. However I am concerned about the future of Pentax. When I visitedthe photo store that I purchased my Z-50 from they have since discontinued selling Pentax models. The nearest Pentax dealer is over 200 miles away now and the excuse I was given is that Pentax have had bad sales numbers and they are limiting their product. This has since been slightly believable due to the limited availability of Pentax equipment. I know the new DS2 and DL models and the recent copying of those models for Samsung should give me hope, but I'm not convinced. Pentax needs a higher MP model with more advanced features... I'm looking for a Pro Model Pentax with some of the features similar to the Nikon Dx and D200 (which will be the models I switch to when Pentax doesn't produce a pro model). The option of using the CF microdrives, the dual CF/SD card Raw - Jepg/Tiff, RAW, Jepg, and Tiff shooting formats would be a plus. I'd also like to see a greater range in auto bracketing to allow for more picturesat a greater range of exposures, something that is great to use with Photoshop CS2's HRD Merge to create a high dynamic range photo.

A VERY DESIRABLE OPTION I'd like to see for the *ist DS is a capture program that allows the DS to be connected via USB and controlled by a computer similar to the Remote Assistance software available for the *ist D. I'd love to experiment with time lapse photography and the ability to remotely control the camera would be a nice addition.

The recent update to the firmware for the DS was a pleasant Christmas gift from Pentax. But I'm still not seeing a Full Frame camera option, or a pro DSLR option to keep my beloved Pentax in my camera bag. I have a great collection of lenses and accessories, but I'd be lying if I said they were easy to gather... In all honesty, Pentax is harder to buy accessories for than any other camera on the market. I'd love to see Pentax lobby for more dealers and would love to see a catalogue with all their accessories that would be available when I needed them... Wishful thinking or a better business plan.

If anyone knows of a way to do the remote capture or time lapse photography with the DS I'd like to hear about it.

Also I'm having trouble taking long exposures with my DS. My batteries keep dying when I try to do shots of the night sky with exposure times over 15 minutes on bulb. What is the best way to fix this and is there a power pack or A/C adapter that can help me with power problems while doing these long exposures?

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