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The external flash that I use on my film Pentax is inclined to overexpose in close-ups on my DS, even though nominally TTL. What recommendations can you offer on a good flash for the DS?
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Like i said in a seperate thread, the Sigma AF500ST has been fine for me. Bounce, swivel head and build in diffuser, full TTL metering. Cant go wrong.

Takes 4 AA batteries
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I found my Pentax AF400ZTZ also overexposed. It was TTL. Robar has the same flash and says it works great on manual.

I bought the Pentax AF360FGZ and I am delighted with it. I took some telephoto shots (Pentax-F 70-210) from about 75 feet away at 800ASA and they were perfect. Even cropped them and blew them up and very very acceptable.

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take a look at ebay. get swivel head, hi guide number, and dedicated TTL.

got one the other day, GN45 for $10 delivered. my 400 works great. ck out the macrorig thread i just started.
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Use exposure compensation to adjust or to use manual flash. Try also closed down the aperture reasonably at close distance by reading the manual flash scale on your TTL flash unit as sometimes the minimum output of the external flash gun is indeed too much for close object. Alternatively, use the built-in RTF, which is weaker.

Do note with latest Pentax flashgun AF360FGZ, your *ist DS will be forced into P-TTL mode only. The P-TTL does tend to preserve highlight blowing but then you may find the results are underexposed under many other occasions.

For more info about TTL and P-TTL flash system etc., see my article below:-

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rich, my 400 works fine in auto now that i've figured it out.

just got the $10 vivitar 550fd today. it's tilt but not swivel it's good to about 40' and seems to work well at TTL. here's a macro shot with it.

to answer your original question about overexposing then do as i did with this flash. set the camera to a lower flash compensation.. wit this 550 i've got it to underexpose by a full stop for macros.
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