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I have owned a DL since Christmasbut I had a friend's DS for a couple of weeks back in October. You confirm what I thought (not actually ever having the two cameras at the same time). The DS viewfinder was big and contrasty but not quite as bright as the smaller DL finder. I have also compared the DL to the original Canon 300D Rebel and there is literally no comparison, the Canon had a severe case of tunnel vision.


Back to the original topic, manz, there is no difference in image quality between the two cameras. Like David Lewis I also only use the centre focus point so the DS advantage here is also lost. The only other DS advantage is in burst mode where it gets 8 jpegs before it slows down instead of the 5 my DL gets (only an issue if your photography requirements need rapid fire), personally I have never used the burst mode on this camera except to see it work.

Popular Photography magazine ended their DL article by saying that there was very little difference between the two cameras. With rebate and lens cost factored in my DL was in fact over $230Cdn cheaper than the DS (DL with lens was the same price as DS without, and there was a $50 rebate (which we received very quickly I might add)if you bought the DL kit, factor that with the $185Cdn price of the kit lens and the result is $235Cdn). Can't argue with the math here.

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