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is this a good lens or should i get a sigma 28-300 as my everyday lens?


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The greater zoom range of the Sigma makes it more versatile but also means it probably has more compromises in optical performance. The 50-200mm Pentax looks like a nice lens and will probably out perform the Sigma over that range. So now for the choice, big range or slightly better image quality. No one can make that decision for you, you choose your own compromise.

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lgbsaab wrote:
is this a good lens or should i get a sigma 28-300 as my everyday lens?


I was tempted by the Sigma 18-200mm and compared it with theTamron 18-200mm BUT I felt that it was not up it; the Sigma wouldn't focus beyond 135mm and that was supported by more than one review that I had read.

I really wanted just one lens but wasn't prepared to sacrifice on image quality so I bought the Pentax 50-200mm DA to compliment the Pentax 18-55mm DA & I'm not disappointed; the results are outstanding.

Taken with a Focal Length of 58mm, Shutter Speed1/250S, & F-number f11

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You keep doing that - posting wonderful photos taken with that Pentax 50-200 lens. Yesterday I was told my Pentax F70-210 lens wasn't repairable, so now I'mREALLY interested in something in this range. While I don't strictly need it, I find that I miss the focus a little too often with the Kiron manual lens, and it isn't the greatest long distance/sky lens - the corners are quite a bit darker (it's much better as a macro lens). I've gotten the impression herethat the 50-200 is probably the best I can get for an almost-all-in-one lens.
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real nice shot catbells. where is it??
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The 50-200DA is a great lens for the money. Very sharp. Just need lots of light to make it really perform. I generally use the 16-45 and 50-200 for my walkabouts. It's a great 2 lens combo for the money........cheers...............thekman.
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Hello fellow Pentax people, can you help me please?

Re the Pentax 50-200mm & 18-55mm digital lenses, can somebody tell me where they are avlaible cheapest? I am in the Uk, but if somewhere overseas has a good deal then i will certainly be interested.

I have a Pentax ist DL, and bought this from good old ebay, and would certainly be prepared to go there for these lenses, however they all seem to have disappeared!?!?
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