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robar wrote:
that's the sigma super. correct???
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Robar, they didn't drop TTL ...they advanced it...:idea:

Can't say much about that link other than I have DL and it works just fine on TTL mode with the flash, no over illumination. (TTL mode is actually P-TTL)

Now correct me if I am wrong on this, but the difference between TTL and P-TTL is that P-TTL is the newer version of the older TTL in that it does a multi-segmented evaluation of the image where as traditional TTL is centre weighted.

Earlier versions of "advanced" or "intelligent" TTL (P_TTL =pentax , A-TTL=Canon, etc )provided a preflash to determine the amount of flash required before doing a measured flash for the actual exposure.

The DL was one of the first cameras that did not require a pre-flash to make this final adjustment and simply takes the shot, though pre-flash (red eye reduction) can still be used and it does not affect the metering.

So, having said that I think having P-TTL is preferable to having TTL and to my thinking the DL is not in any way inferior for having the newer P-TTL, especially when connected to a flash that supports P-TTL.

Regards to Rice-High for his in depth knowledge on this.


Ultimately it comes down to what we feel comfortable with. I have been using manual Metz flashes with the K1000 at work for years and always took good shots including my macros and close ups. Only recently (last month) that I got trained up on TTL with the newer cameras (NikonD100/SB800 combo), talk about making life very easy.

It was that training that made me go out and get the EF500 and the off-camera cord for my DL and I can tell you now, it takes "close up photography" to almost point and shoot mode.

Great feeling to be able to simply compose, focus and position the flash and know it is going to come out great.....everytime.
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I have an older l979 vintage Vivitar 283 flash that I have used with my DS and it works beautifully. I was concerned initially that it might be too "hot" voltage-wise for the DS, so I contacted Pentax Customer Service and they said it would not hurt the camera. It's plenty powerful enough for most any situation. I can shoot at f11 in places where I would have to open up to f3.5 with the built-in flash.
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> Regards to Rice-High for his in depth knowledge on this.


Crashman, thanks for your kind comments :-))

Actually, I haven't finished my above article yet. I carried out some tests long time ago before I first wrote the article. It was found that the P-TTL tends to expose for the highlights whilst the TTL tends to exposes for the mid-tones. Both approaches are fine and have its pros and cons, I would have been happier if Pentax let the users to choose whether they wish to use the TTL or the P-TTL by themselves, according to the situations.

Nevertheless, I shall re-carry out the tests later on in a more systematic way by including the use of the Sandisk flash gun head diffuser and not using it. But at this moment I don't have the time to do the task yet :-(

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