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I have been spending lots of time recently reading the posts in this forum and on some other pages. One thing I notice is that the Pentax forums seem to have the most...civil discussions and high praise for the quality of the product.

I have an older MZ-10 with a Tamron 28-200 lens, which I never really got very good at using, but enjoyed it quite a bit. I then moved to a Pentax Optio S4 which has been very convenient for keeping in your pocket, shots of the kids inside and outside etc., but I have been itching to get back into the SLR world and start learning. Perhaps because of the Pentax lens I currently own (and which is languishing on the MZ-10 that I NEVER use anymore) I have been looking at the *ist series. For some reason, the web reviews are generally just o.k. on the DS and DL series but people who use them seem to have high praise for them. At this point, I am of the impression that at least at the entry level DSLR, it is much more the person behind the camera, then the actual camera itself that makes the difference. I suspect that any of these entry level DSLR cameras would take nicer pix than the small Optio I am currently using.

I have been toying with the idea of waiting for the DL2, but other than because it is more recent and an update to the DL, I doubt if, again, it will take any better pictures for me, than the DL nor will it likely prove to be a better model for "growth" than the DL. The issue is though, in Canada for some reason, the best price I have seen for the DL Kit is CDN$899. Even at a very conservative exchange rate, that is something like US$775, which is crazy. At those prices, it probably does pay to wait for the DL2 (although who knows what they will charge for it, if they even ever get here.)

Apart from just some misc. ramblings (and introducing myself to the forum) I guess I am asking for some type of validation of (i) considering the DL (when it is unlikely I will do much post processing of pictures and unlikely I will ever shoot in RAW) as a beginner DSLR, and (ii) not waiting for the DL2, or even something else.

PerhapsI should just ask a friend of mine in the US to try and pick one up for me. I believe Amazon even has them for about US$549. (Anyone know any better prices? My brother in law is currently vacationing in Florida. If I knew of a good place to pick one up I could ask him to bring one home for me.) The price is just soooo attractive.

Anyways, thanx for letting me blurb.
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Hi Birdman - I may not be much help to you, but after waiting for PMA to see what might happen, I ordered a DL yesterday. Use the Buyers guide on this forum and click other cameras, then Pentax. I paid $495 delivered in the USA yesterday and as my luck runs, they have it for $490 today. I bought it from Digital Foto and it has already been shipped and I have a tracking number. I was very happy with the way the order process went. I see Buydig and Beach are $493 today and I have heard good comments on them also, they were $523 yesterday. You gotta wonder how low a good camera like the DL can go. The sensor along is capable of some very good pictures and has been proven over time. I'm not sure why it is not being reduced in Canada, but we are not getting the DL2 here in the USA, so maybe the DL will not be available soon in Canada. Who can ever guess the mind of marketing.

I also bought the Pentax adapter B and astepup ring, so I can use my old screw mount Super Takumars (I have 4) and my filters for my 55mm Fuji F602ZI have now. I got this stuff from Adorama. They seem to be the only ones that have the genuine Pentax adapter B. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting back in the Pentax groove again and want to thank everyone that has helped answer a few questions here while I made up my mind which way to go. I already have a whole potload of stuff from my old Spotmatic days that will become useful again. I'm sure the DSLR will give me many more picture options then themy good Fuji did. My wife is going to use the Fuji now and I know she will get some good pictures from it, plus it is very easy to usein the auto mode, which I never used- bper
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I have a DL, a Christmas gift from my wife who, wisely, chose the most economical package. I have never really used the burst mode on any camera I have owned (except to play with it) so the smaller buffer size of the DL was not an issue for me. I do not like multiple focus points (I am used to old manual cameras with a central focus aid and then early Minolta Maxxum that just had one central sensor anyway), as a result I turn off all but the centre, I don't care if it has 3 or 5 or 11 focus points, I only use one. I do not like penta-mirrors, however, when I saw that the DL viewfinder was actually brighter than the DS, and the magnification was much better than Canon or Nikon, I came to accept it (no problems here).

There are good reasons to want a DS2, but the DL2 doesn't seem to offer enough to rate it higher than the DL. If the price is the same pick either. One Canadian photo shop is selling the DL2 with two lenses (18-55, 50-200) for the same price as the DL with one lens!!.

Just one opinion, all of the D series Pentax cameras offer excellent features and a great deal of lens choices. Get it with the Kit lens and you cover the 35mm equivalent of 27-300mm (with your Tamron), and you still have the Mz-10 as a film backup (I was going to sell my MZ-7 but it goes so well with my DL, even the silver colour, that it seems pointless to sell it for a pittance. It will now be used in environments that are too "unfriendly" for my DL. Film is not dead, it is just in semi retirement.)

As for image quality, all DSLRs produce images that usually need a little post processing, but this is better than the overprocessed look of some p&s cameras (and even one very big name brand of entry level DSLR)

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The Pentax LX was produced for about 20 years without any major changes. Since cameras went digital, it seems like the lifespan of a new model is about 20 days! If you wait for the upcoming model, which you know is around the corner,you will be waiting till you pass away.

It would be a pity with all those fine photos you won't take whilst waiting. Buy the best your wallet permits right now, take fine photos and be happy. In some four or five years time you can buy that 54 MP full frame camera cheaper than the one you buy today. And by then your new top modern 3,2 GHz computer will be in the museum or for sale in the flea market. But your wonderful photos from 2006 will still be there.

IMHO, Kjell
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Just checked on the Henrys web site, and noticed they are now selling the DL Kit for CDN$799 (New Lower Price!).

Still not as good as US$529 (@ 1.16 that is CDN$613, but getting better.)
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Birdman 325

I am second the advice given You By "bilybianca" Get what You can now and Enjoy.

Dslrs are like Computers, Wait 6 months and There is a New one.


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