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Two Second Timer Question on DL

I just received my new DL and having owned a Fuji S602 for the past 4 years I have found the features very similar so learning the DL has been very easy. I do wonder why they identify the shutter priority as TV and not "S" but this is not a problem. My real concern is when I activate the 12 second timer and press the shutter release the timer starts and at its conclusion the flash and shutter activate and take the picture. On the two second timer when I activated the shutter release I get a flash activation and at the end of the time sequence I get a second flash and shutter release. I have been unable to correct this first flash when using the two second timer. No program function has any control over this first flash firing that I can find.

Have you DL users experienced this and if so is there a way to defeat this first flash feature?

PS: Love my new DL and I believe I will order a Sigma 18-125 soon for this great camera.
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It's also the same with my*istDS v2 BUT have you also noticed that along with the first flash, the mirror is raised as well to reduce/eliminate camera shake.
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Yes I was aware of that. I guess this is something we will have to live with unless a firmware update is scheduled.
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I think I can answer the first question. I also just recieved my DL after using an F602Z for 3.5 years. Looks like a great camera, but I won't be able to try it out until this weekend. I believe the Tv means Time Variation and Av means Aperture Variation. In the 602, we were use to S and A. Also the P does not work the same way and I think the M setting with the AE-L will be much more useful. Thats just from playing around in front of my computer with it. O well, lots to lean - bper

PS - I thought Steve did a real nice review on the DL. Did all us Pentax fans a favor. Notice he got the Pentaprizim and Pentamirror mixed up, but clarified it in his conclusion. Samsung did the same thing on the GX-1L news release.
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Well, the thing with the flash is this.

The P-TTL flash system uses a preflash, just before the mirror goes up to do a light measurement with flash. With this measurement it calculates the actual flash output for the picture. So actually there are always two flashes with P-TTL.

With the two second mirror lock-up timer it has to take the measurement before the mirror locks up, so this is the sequence:

- Press the shutter

- P-TTL Preflash for light metering

- Mirror up

- 2 Seconds

- Open shutter and flash

A normal P-TTL flash picture follows the same sequence, except for the two seconds between mirror up and opening the shutter.
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