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I'm looking for a decent ($200) or less zoom lens that basically covers the 50-200mm range. From what I can tell, it seems the Pentax DA 50-200mm is the best option in that price range. However, my concern about DA lenses is that, as they are optimized for an APS sized sensor, they are unuseable on film SLRs (although I probably won't ever use a film SLR) in addition to any future fullframe DSLR that Pentax may venture to make.

So, my inclination is to look for lenses that are not DA. Does Sigma, Tamron, or any of the others make "DA-like" lenses that are similarly engineered for APS sensors - for which I should be mindful?

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All lens makers have a line of "digital only" lenses with an APS-C image circle. Check carefully to be certain that any lens you plan to purchase is not of this type (usually labelled with a D, such as DA, DX, Di etc)but is a proper film lens. I would recommend the 18-55mm DA lens however as it is a price effective way to get the 28mm equivalent.

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My issue with DA lenses is the lack of an aperture ring, which I use quite a bit with my style of shooting, so I won't purchase one because of that. I realize you can set the f/stop electronically, but that just doesn't work for me, so No Ring, No Buy!

The crop factor is another issue because I still shoot quite a bit of film and any lenses I purchase have to work in both worlds.

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Any recommendations on decent $200 or less lenses that 50-200mm, 70-200mm, 18-200mm, etc. ?
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While its not a Pentax lense. I own and love my Sigma 70-300MM APO-DG MACRO F4.5-5.6. Its About $200 at B&H
BTW DS here


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