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Have any of you read the PC Magazine April 11[suP]th[/suP] issue test of the DS2? Not Good. Had I not read so many great reports from this and other boards and only based my purchase of my DL on the test form PC Mag. I might have bought another brand of camera. It seams their camera tech thinks there is nothing that compares to the D50. Thanks to all of you board members I now own a great DSLR in my Pentax DL.

The attached picture was taken at a metal crafters shop on our little town's main street. A glass ball in a metal stand. Camera is a Pentax DL with a Sigma 18-125 lens.

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The camera guy at PC magazine doesn't like the DS2, but does like the D50-So What!

It is a computer magazine not a camera magazine, so who cares what they think?

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I haven't read that article but it has been my experience that Nikon and Canon, because they both produce excellent products, and they both offer a fine professional line, are often idolized by reviewers. The same person who may be swooning over the D50's image quality on one page may be complaining that Pentax is only 6MP on the next (last time I checked the Nikon and Pentax used the same sensor). I don't think that this is always intentional but it does happen. The D50 may indeed hold an edge over the Pentax DL in some performance and image quality areas but the Pentax offers advantages in power flexibility (the universal AA), in lens compatibility (the D50 cannot meter with any pre-AF lenses, so much for backward compatibility at Nikon). My lens kit contains some fast prime lenses from the early K-series which work marvelously well on my DL.

I have said this before but to repeat, the worst DSLR currently available has image quality which is merely fantastic. Enjoy your camera and don't let reviews spoil your fun.


BTW here is my sample image:

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Old Mar 19, 2006, 9:35 PM   #4
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That is just ONE USER opinion, don't bother much :-)

To me, my opinion is the image from the D50 looks fake whilst those from my DS ones are far more natural, although soft when zoomed in (view at 100% or so), but this is just personal preference then.

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Old Mar 19, 2006, 9:50 PM   #5
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Actuality I think my DL images are great. I've only hade this camera a little more than a week but the results I'm getting is so much superior to my Fuji S602. I'm loven it.
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Old Mar 20, 2006, 12:04 AM   #6
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Would anyone give any weight to a comparison of Dell and HP computers in Popular Photography?

Why does PC Magazine even bother with reviews of Cameras - seems like a waste if you ask me. I hope nobody uses them as their primary source of photography information.
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Old Mar 20, 2006, 9:05 AM   #7
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Cameras are being considered electronic goods now-a-days and so the attitude by electronic magazines is that all of a sudden they are experts on the subject. :?
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Old Mar 20, 2006, 10:38 AM   #8
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I decided to buy my present camera....Nikon CP5700....based on several reviews like the one in PC Mag. In retrospect I suspect the reviewers were paid off by Nikon because I hate the piece of crap. In fact, I'm sure my wife will tell you that I frequenly exclaim those exact words when trying to get it to do what I want, although I often use stronger language. The buttons, wheels and menu system are so illogical that having the Owners Manual with me at all times is a must....and you can imagine how many shots I miss trying to figure out what to do. I'm an experienced photographer and have been using all sorts of cameras since the early fifties. I guess I'll never get accustomed to using buttons, levers and wheels to do what I used to do with lens rings on my 35's.

Example: I do lots of macro photography and find it impossible to judge the focus because of inadequate resolution of both the monitor and viewfinder and usually have to rely on the autofocus....I call it "Pray and Shoot". In macro a big problem is depth-of-field limitations so that it's usually necessary to focus best on just one thing...such as an insect's eye or wings...and being able select the one you want is the artistic control that makes or breaks the photograph. With the CP5700 it's a crap shoot.

On the other hand it is a well made camera and has a great lens...just hard to make it do what you want. My point is that the reviews I used to select the CP5700 didn't even hint at it's awkwardness of use, like, maybe the reviewers were just computer jockeys.

I've been looking at a Pentax SLR as my next camera. There's absolutely no substitute for the view thru a SLR and the intuitive control of focus and aperature. When I look thru my old Pentax 35 it's literally breathtaking, the clarity and focus control. Plus, I have a nice collection of great Pentax lenses which can be used again...I've learned that from posts at this site.

So, take the PC Mag review with a grain of salt.

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Well, one thing I did learn from this review is that my beloved DS2 has little noise at ASA 100 or 400.

I just love typos. They say so much about caretaking.

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That review had so many mistakes in it its not even funny.**[img]/forums/images/emoticons/confused-smiley-017.gif[/img]Nonetheless, its a stupid PC mag.... they don't know anything about cameras...heck even some photo magazines don't know what there talking about... these days I find its best to go with user opinions.
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