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I've been playing with my iso settings and I wondered if it would be good for me to just keep it in 400 for normal outside shooting. I'm not 100 percent certain about the amount of noise introduced as I step up.

Does anyone have recommendations on ISO for the ds? What are the benefits of shooting a higher ISO, if any? I know it allows for better low light response but if the tradeoff in moderate light conditions is grainyness I think I'll stay away. I suppose I'm sounding a bit simple about this but I'd love some guidance.

Thank you mucho.

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What mode do you usually shoot in? P/A/T/M??

I typically shoot in P mode - so I set my ISO to Auto. Then I go into the Custom settings and set the Auto limit to 800. this lets the camera choose 200-800 by itself.

If I want to go higher, then I just select it manually when needed.

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I'd always shoot in the lowest ISO mode when possible. The higher the ISO setting, the more noise (graininess) you will get in your picture. I don't know of any artistic advantage to shooting in a high ISO mode - purely for the sake of high ISO - unless you just want noise.

As I see it, the advantage of having decent quality high ISO modes is that you can extend the range of non-flash shooting. Say, if you're indoors and the lighting is just right, but the camera wants to use a flash, then cranking up the ISO will let you get the exposure you want without having to settle for the washed out flash exposure (and you don't have to change the shutter speed or aperture). Some would refer to higher ISO film (or mode) as being "faster" because the increased sensitivity allows you to use shorter shutter speeds for an equivalent exposure of a lower ISO setting. However you want to look at it. I would say that if you don't need anything higher than ISO 200 for your shooting situation, then don't increase it.

If you're outside and it's between dawn and dusk, you generally will have enough light to get a normal exposure with shutter speed and aperture only, and will not need to use flashing or increased ISO.

From what I can tell with the DS:
ISO200 = no detectable noise
ISO400 = noise is detectable when you zoom in a bit
ISO800 = noise may be detectable at a glance, but verified if you zoom in
ISO1600 = you will notice the noise, but it's more noticeable in shadowed areas - if you were going to make 4x6" prints, I bet you wouldn't be able to tell though
ISO3200 = quite noticeable, but if your environment is not too dark and the color textures of your subject come through well enough, the noise will blend surprisingly well

Hope that helps,

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Since I don't see much difference between ISO 200 and 400, I almost always use 400 to get the extra shutter speed and DOF.

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I have just started using 800 for motorsport action so I can get fast shutter speeds and reasonable depth of field.

There is perceptable noise so I use noise ninja and I am very happy with the results.

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