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Old Mar 12, 2009, 1:08 PM   #131
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I don't even remember if I ever added to this thread, and I'm not going back thru 8 pages of items to check

Pentax K20D w/grip
Pentax *istDL (now my wife's camera)
Pentax 18-55 (on the DL most of the time)
Sigma 17-70 (on the K20D)
Pentax 50-200
Sigma 70-300 DL Macro
Sigma 135-400 APO
Pentax F50/1.7
Pentax FA50/2.8 Macro
Sigma 15mm EX Fisheye
Pentax FA28/2.8 AL
Sears 135/2.8
Asahi Pentax Extension Tubes
Honeywell Pentax Macro Bellows
Pentax Super-Tak 55/1.8 screwmount (for the bellows)
Pentax 540 Flash
Lowepro MiniTrekker (main bag to carry most stuff)
Kata 3-n-1-20 (day bag for small kit)
SLIK Pro330DX Tripod w/panning/tilt head

That's from memory - I think that's all of it

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This is the stuff I can remember...

*ist DS
*ist DL

FA 50mm f/1.4
DA 18-55mm Kit lens
SMC M 50mm f/1.7
SMC M 50mm f.1.4
DA 50-200mm
Tamron 90mm f/2.8
Tamron 28-300mm
Tamron 70-300mm
Pentax 28-200mm AF
Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm
Sigma 400mm AF
Tamron 1.4X AF teleconverter
Tokina 28-70mm A f/2.8 Macro
Russian 16mm Fisheye f/2.8

Tamrac Expredition 7 backpack
Tamrac Expedition 4 backpack
Dakine Camera Block
Lowepro Slingshot 200
Tamrac Series 5
Lowepro Micro trekker Backpack

Circular polarizers
Neutral Gray Graduated filters

Slik Monopod
Slik DX 700 Tripod
Bogen 3033 Tripod
Bogen 3030 head
Bogen 3047 Head
Bogen Ball Head

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Old Sep 14, 2009, 11:28 AM   #133
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Is it time to revive this thread again? Sounds like lots of new stuff out there.
Riverview, NB, Canada
Current equipment
Pentax *istDS, K3:
FA 50 f1.4, FA 28-70mm f4, Tamron SP 70-200mm f2.8 Di, DA 10-17 f3.5-4.5, DA 14 f2.8, DA 16-45mm f4, DA 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 WR, AF-540FGZ

Olympus E-P5, OM-D E-M1(X2): 9mm to 150mm lenses

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Old Sep 14, 2009, 8:53 PM   #134
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Never posted mine before so here goes:

Digital Cameras:
Nikon Cool Pix 995

Film Camera:
Canon A1 (1980 vintage)
Canon Lenses:
FD 50mm 1.4
Kiron 80-200 F/4 Macro 1:4
Tokina 28-70mm F3.5-4.5 Macro 1:4
Kiron 2x TC

Pentax Lenses:
SMC DA 18-55
SMC DA 50-200
SMC A 50mm 1.7

Other K mount Lenses:
MC Zenitar 16mm 2.8
Vivitar Series 1 Macro 105mm 2.8
Tamron 18-250 3.5-6.3 Macro
Tamron - F AF Tele-Converter 1.4X Pz MC4
Tokina AT-X80-400mm 4.5-5.6

Flash: Sunpak Auto 383 Super
Canon Speedlite 177A (works on Pentax DSLR)
Quantaray MS1 Slave flash
Cactus wireless Flash Trigger
Home made butterfly bracket

Camera supports:
Fisol CT-3401 Carbon Fiber Tripod
Markins Q3 Ball Head & Camera plate.
Manfrotto 676B Monopod
Home Made Shoulder Support
Camdapter Hand strap
Tamerac (small) Vintage 1980 holds 1 SLR and flash
Lowepro MicroTrekker 200 Backpac

BSA RD30 Red Dot Sight and home made flash shoe mount for same.

Various CP and UV
One Hoya R72 IR filter.

SDHC cards:
1- 16GB SanDisk Extreme lll
2- 4GB SanDisk Extreme lll
1- 2GB Kingston Elite Pro
1- 1GB Lexar Platinum ll
1- 1GB Micro Center
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Old Sep 14, 2009, 10:51 PM   #135
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Looks like my list needs updating again (sigh!). My kit is pretty much the way I want it, there's still a couple of accessories I'd like to have, but otherwise it's pretty complete.

Pentax ZX-M (don't know if it still works, hasn't been used in 4 years)

Pentax DA 10-17
Pentax DA 12-24
Pentax DA 18-55 (only used on the K100)
Pentax SMC 24mm 2.8
Pentax SMC-M 24-50mm f4 (a lousy lens, not as sharp as the kit lens, can't believe I haven't tossed it out yet)
Pentax SMC-M 50mm 1.4 (mostly used reversed for macros)
Pentax SMC-M 50mm 1.7
Pentax DA*50-135
Pentax DA 50-200 (still broken, I need to toss it out. It's not worth repairing)
Pentax DA 55-300 (the replacement for the 50-200 and my newest lens)
Pentax 77 1.8 Limited
Kiron 80-200 f4 Macro (still has oil on aperture blades, too sentimental to part with it, should either get it fixed or toss)
Vivitar Series One 105mm 2.5 Macro
Pentax Takumar (Bayonet) 135mm 2.5
Pentax DA*200 f2.8
Pentax SMC-A*300 f4
Pentax DA*300


Pentax case that came with the DS kit
small Tamrac holster case, for camera and one lens
Lowepro Orion 1 fanny pack
Tamrac 603 shoulder bag
Lowepro Slingshot 200 (I'm on my second one, wore out the first one by stuffing too much stuff in it and the zipper stitching gave out)
Kata 3N1-30 with the optional 3N1 Tripod Attachment

AF-540FGZ Flash

Gitzo 2541 tripod and Gitzo head, Really Right Stuff Quick release plate and L-Bracket

My accessory list includes things like a 77mm circular polarizer (with 2 step-up rings), the 12" silver/gold reflector, reversing ring to use the 50 in front of another lens, and I still have (and use) the extension tube that started out in life as a TC. I also have a number of extra Sandisk Ultra II cards which work well enough for me to not be thinking of upgrading them.

Things still on my want-list include a Hoya R72 IR filter and a couple of Plamps.

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Old Sep 15, 2009, 12:17 AM   #136
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Well, I have never posted on this, so let's see what I have for grins ...

  • K20
  • K100
  • Panasonic LX3 (great for business travel when a dSLR will not fit)
  • Pentax Spotmatic II (I picked this up in 1971 while in the Navy)
  • Canon SD500 (my son has appropriated this for school)
Lenses: (my main lenses that are in the bag and ready to go)
  • Pentax DA 10-17
  • Pentax DA 12-24
  • Pentax DA 16-45
  • Pentax DA 55-300
  • Pentax DA 18-55 (for the K100)
  • Pentax DA 50-200
  • Pentax FAJ 70-300 (I have just been too lazy to sell this)
  • Pentax SMC-M 50mm 1.7
  • Pentax SMC-M 50mm 2 (I have just been too lazy to find a new home for this)
  • Pentax SMC-M 55mm 1.8 M42 (for the Spotmatic II)
  • Lowepro Compuday Backpack (laptop / camera body / 4 lenses / stuff) Works great for business travel
  • Benro TRA198 Tripod - selected to fit into my carry-on for travel
  • Acratech GP Ballhead with leveling plate - selected expressly for panoramas
  • Acratech base plate
  • Tokina 2x Teleconverter (just found this a few weeks ago for a pretty nice bargain - now I can go to 600mm and that is way plenty for me - I actually like wide angle landscapes)
  • Nikon extra thin 77mm circular polarizer (for the 12-24 so that it will not introduce any vignetting)
  • A set of three Tiffin 52mm filter (polarizer, ND, daylight) (little used)
  • A no name wired remote shutter release
  • A IR wireless remote shutter release
  • The Trusty Allan wrench so that I can easily invert the Acratech Ballhead for use as a leveling panorama ballhead (I just usually leave it setup inverted all the time - its just easier that way)
  • A 3-way level (hot shoe - it works great!)
  • 3 - 2GB Transend 150x
  • 3 - 4GB Scandisk Ultra III (free from a Scandisk Thanksgiving special rebate)
  • 6 - 1GB 150x assorted brands
Essentially I am done acquiring. I feel I have just about everything major I need - with the following exceptions...
  • L-Plate (next acquisition - a Kirk L plate for the K20)
  • extra battery for the K20 (just been too lazy)
  • extra battery for the LX3
  • 77mm ND filter (maybe - still thinking about this)
  • Opteka Wired Timer Remote - so that I can dial in a shutter time rather than counting 1-1 thousand, 2-1 thousand, 3-1 thousand ....
  • If I get another lens - Pentax DA21 or DA15, mainly for the size/weight when I need to go smaller than the 12-24 for business travel. (not a high priority at the present time - unless I find a great lens for a really wonderful price - as in free says my wife)
... did I forget anything?

... I think that is it -
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  • '68 Pentax S1a with
  • Sekonic light meter...old, used with S1a
  • 55mm F2.0
  • '73 Pentax ES 11 with F1.8 50mm
  • 135 Takumar F3.5
  • 35mm F 2.8 Bushnell W/A
  • 90-230 mm Bushnell lens
  • Honeywell 100 flash
  • '80 K1000 with f2.0 50mm
  • 35-105 Macro A Pentax zoom
  • 50mm Takumar Macro
  • 28mm Takumar F2.8 W/A
  • K10D body
  • KM (K2000) body
  • 16-45 F 4 Pentax
  • 55-300 Pentax
  • 50 F 1.4
  • 18-55 Pentax lens
  • Vivitar 285 HV Flash
  • Pentax 360 Flash
  • Sekonic L-248 light meter
  • Sekonic Flash meter
Other Equipment:

  • Mamiya 220 Pro F TLR (medium format)
  • 80 mm Normal Mamiya-Sekor
  • 65 MM W/A Mamiya Sekor
  • 180 mm Telephoto Mamiya-Sekor
  • Leica 11F
  • 50 mm Elmar
More cameras, but those are the ones I use mostly. As you can see a number of them are meterless...therefore the reason that I have a couple of hand held light meters

All my newer lenses have B + W UV filters

  • Minolta (Leica copy) table top tripod-really useful and well built...used for non flash, internal W/A photos in Cathedrals, etc.
  • Giotti Monopod
  • Leitz Tiltall Tripod..bought for my medium format work..built like a Mack truck, unfortunately almost as heavy, but really top notch tripod...would take 8.9 on Richter Scale to move it..

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Hi all,
I've just looked back through the tread, I thought it interesting that there is a large number of members that have the 16-45(supposedly not a good lens), and only a few with the 16-50(supposedly a much better lens). Is the 16-45 not bad enough to discard and the 16-50 too much of a gamble to buy? Or is there not that much difference in the IQ?
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Can't tell about the 16-50, other than the reputation it's got as a "if you get a good copy, but there have been several QC problems..."
My main complaint about the 16-45 is build quality, it feels very rattely and plastic compared to my other lenses. But IQ wise it is very good, it was introduced as the better (and more expensive) alternative to the original 18-55 kit lens.
Anyone got both?

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Originally Posted by simowills View Post
Hi all,
I've just looked back through the tread, I thought it interesting that there is a large number of members that have the 16-45(supposedly not a good lens), and only a few with the 16-50(supposedly a much better lens). Is the 16-45 not bad enough to discard and the 16-50 too much of a gamble to buy? Or is there not that much difference in the IQ?
I have a 16-45...since Dec. 07. I can tell you it's a great lens. Mine is tack sharp...noticeably better than my kit 18-55 (came with the KM). Colour rendition is true and accurate, flare better controlled than my 18-55. I usually have it on my K10D..would like another on my KM.

I have some buddies I photograph with, both Canon , one has a Canon L 17-40 and he comments that he is quite impressed with the sharpness and colour rendition of the 16-45.

It also seems fairly rugged. I live in Western Canada...in the winter I'm out with it at temps around -25 C for about an hour or so at a time. No freeze up or any kind of malfunction.

I've never tried the Pentax 16-50 so don't know, but my 16-45 has 1000's of exposures...winter and summer...it works like a charm. Very happy with it.

If anyone wants to discard their 16-45..ship it to me and it will find a good home attached to my KM as the standard lens. But it will be worked hard.

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