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I have three sets of 2500mAh NiMH batteries and rotate two sets in my DS, where I can get at least two 1Gig card full of jpg images without running out of power. I always change them when I am going to shoot quite a few photos in a single shoot and never have had a issue with running out of battery power. In my experiance 2300mAh NiMH batteries or lower will give MUCH lower run time than the 2500mAh NiMH batteries.

The third set is in my HD80 storage unit that I dump my used cards into when out shooting.

My 18-55mm lens does not have a loose front element at all, so there may be something wrong with yours.

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Thanks for all of your responses. 2700mah NiMH batteries seem to work fine. I think the larger 2.5in LCD taxes the Alkalines. As for the lens, I envy ennacac!

I trust I'll enjoy the DL as much as rritter. When I first learned of this line, I was impressed with Pentax'sbackwards compatibility withthe K-mount lens system. Most of my K-mount lenses are Ricohshowever, but I know how to remove the program pins so they won't get stuck on the *ist body. The other thing that caught my attention wasit's low price and reasonable build quality. If I have any complaints so far, it's Pentax Customer Service which seems to border on clueless. I've received some just-plain-wrong explanations from them.

Weighing cost against thehigher-end DS, I can live without some of it's better features, but one of the most critical matters for me was the viewfinder. Surprisingly, I have no problems with the penta-mirror DLviewfinder. That said however, I was a bit bummed yesterday when I saw my local COSTCO selling the DS for $499.00 (with a couple of small accessories that I don't think typically come with the DS). If I can get a tighter lens, I'll be happy with my DL! If you know of anyone looking for a DS-bargain though,send them to their local COSTCO.

Thanks again.



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