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Has this happened to you, too???...I have spent months jumping all over various sites, reading, easily, 1000s of posts...D50 vs D70s, 350XT vs 20D vs 30D, E300 vs E330 vs E500...yada, yada, yada...at times I have spent literally hours at the computer, writing notes, reading mostly thoughtful opinions, and I am grateful to all who posted, answering other people's questions and mine.

Since I decided on istDS, I no longer seem to care to pull up all the comparos anymore...I have what I want, I want what I have...I basically now go directly to the Pentax forums, occasionally read other generic topics, and I am done...could I switch sometime in the future???...maybe, but it had better have a clear viewfinder or it won't be worth being a boat anchor...besides, if this one breaks, Pentax will have something worth buying in the future...I just hope they keep the general quality and good Pentax features, and not get caught up in a megapixel war...

Computer time has gone from hours and hours to under 30 minutes...am I alone in this, or did something similar happen to you???
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Actually, the opposite happened to me. I bought the DS because of my great experience with Pentax film equipment so I didn't need to do any on-line comparisons. When I wasn't shooting pictures (or working or with the family), I was playing with various software packages (raw converters, editors, organizers etc.) and making prints. Now that the DS is in the shop, I spend even more time on the computer getting to know the software even better so my computer time went way up.

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[align=left]My Experiance is Similar To "Rob 22315". I loved my Pentax Film Camera(K1000)&(ME). So when i decided it was time For Digital. Pentax was on the top of my list. I did go play just to Be sure. It was a close call Between the DS and the Nikon D70. But Pentax won.
Anyway. My Time has actually Increased . I am now a member of several Forums Actively and Otherwise i just lurk and learn. Also i spent lots of time Trying out Various Software and Now that i have settled on What software I want to use. I am now learning how to Use it effectively.
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Yeah, I did my research, picked a camera (*ist DS2), bought it...and now I'm busy taking pictures. Now I peruse the Pentax forums exclusively, learning more about my camera, learning about potential lenses to buy, looking at the great photos others post, and posting a few of my own to share.

Glad to have you with us in Pentaxland!

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I'm always on the computer quite a bit, what I'm reading has changed since I've become a happy DS owner. I'll still occasionally read the "what camera to buy" if the topic captures my interest, but mainly to let others know that the Pentax is a great buy. I'm not interested in reading camera reviews - I'm happy with what I have. Now I'm paying more attention to updating my knowledge of Photoshop and learning about lenses - there is SO much to learn about photography, and I've only scratched the surface. It's still cutting into my time on boards having to do with other subjects, though not as much as when I was buying a camera before Christmas (when I bought the FZ30, didn't like it and then had to decide what to get instead of it).
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Old Apr 2, 2006, 10:18 PM   #6
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So, I am not alone...thanks...

Now, if I can only learn how to post photos...
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I switched from reading reviews to this forum, I was fairly active on the Fuji forum when I was using the S7000.

I still spend too much time on the computer (about 1 to 2 hours per day) but it has a different focus, more creative, less technical.

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I read the reviews if I am looking for a new camera (I am looking at a Nikon S3 and a Casio S600 for travel) and then I go to the forums for the real time info on using the camera.

I now only read the Pentax forums to see what others are doing with their *stD??? and to get some new ideas on shooting images.

I really don't care to read the Nikon or Canon forums since I am not planning on purchasing any of their equipment anyway and the info there is of no practical value to me. The two people I regularly shoot with have Nikon and Canon cameras and they don't show me anything I don't have with my DS (other than focus speed) and my DS does some things better than theirs.

To be fair, one of them just got a D200 Nikon and he now has many of the nice features my DS has always had, but they are new to him.

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i'm on the machine way too much. problem is that it's gotten to where everytime i boot PS i learn something new.. i'm addicted to the digital darkroom. i take pleasure in photography but i think it's the darkroom where i'm starting to excel. i've got about 35 photos showing right now and i know i can make them better. just in the past 6 months, PS, has really started preforming for me.. i take part in a few forums but it deems my limit is pretty much 3. there's an excellent one here in texas for people in texas. it a great forum but i just can't do the time.. just my two cents..

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i had 3 wks off work this winter and spent an inordinate amount of time on the computer looking at reviews and forums first for info on the fuji 9000 (which i initially thought would be my ideal repacement for my s602) and later on the e-500 and istdl. i went with the dl largely based on viewfinder, availability of good used lenses, and price, plus good past experience with a k-1000 and some nice primes.

since then my interest in reviews has disappeared (at least until we get some on the new pentax's). ilook atthis forum regularly for info and the pics everybody posts, and still check e-bay for that once in a lifetime deal on a 50mm or 100mm macro, also in fits and starts i edit and print my own images (unlike some i seem to like making the pics more than working on them after). definitely my computer time has come back into the "normal" range.:-)


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