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bright eyes, I agree with pic_*ist, none of the DSLRs are perfect, they just represent different compromises. Nikons have teeny viewfinders (until you get to the D200) but fast operation, Canons sometimesproduceimages that almost look too "smooth" to be real but have excellent low noise performance, Olympus has poor high ISO performance but gives very nice colour renditionand KM is still a question mark until SONY's next big announcement but has the only in-body anti-shake. Pentax offers the best compromise for meby offering a very complete feature set in a camera that is inexpensive. Pentax also has the only true backward compatability with lenses, and despite many contrary opinions I like the AA sized batteries (I have three sets now that, including charger, cost less than one spare battery for most other brands).

I would be happy with either of the entry level DSLRs, they are all fine cameras. The Pentax represents the best bang for the buck for me since I already owned Pentax lenses (and I couldn't get my hands on a KM 5D to try, have some very nice KM glass as well).


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I think it was mentioned, but while the format of the RAW files is the same for all the *ist cameras, there is 1 field that is different - the actual name of the camera. This confuses some RAW processing programs, and you have to wait until they add that into their database and publish an update.

On the battery deal - I have noticed that sometimes the indicator will go down to 1/2, then come back to full. Not sure why. But I've also had very long battery life - I'm just over 1800 shots and I'm only on my second set of NiMH charged up. I bought 2 sets, the first one lasted me to ~850 shots on their first charge - this set has lasted me almost another 1000. They tell me these type of batteries don't get their full capacity until they've been charged 4 or 5 times - if this is true, this is amazing battery life, especially considering how much flash I use. Also though, we do not have auto-review turned on - so the LCD is off most of the time. Probably adds quite a bit of life....
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Guess what, this morning I put in a set of well worned 5 years old 1400mAh Maxell that I fully chargered 3 weeks ago in the camera and whala, the battery indicator showed full charge. I took a whole bunch of pictures this afternoon and it still showed full charged, what do you know. Somehow, the DL2 must love this old Maxell batteries! :?

The thing is, I was worry the camera may be faulty, if that's the case, I will need to send it away. Now, with all your responses, I think the camera is OK, and I feel so much better!!

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