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It seems every RAW converter produces somewhat different results, so it's largely a matter of personal preference (both for image rendering and ease of use). In my own experience, I have usually shot JPG, and I like the built-in Pentax color rendering. I tried Adobe Camera Raw with Photoshop Elements 3.0 (for Mac), and it gives better detail and sharpness, but I dislike the color rendering, especially in the reds (which to my eye, are weak and off-color). Pentax Photo Laboratory (v2.1) gives the same color rendering as the JPGs with its default settings, and has slightly better detail than the JPGs. I tried SilkyPix (free trial download) and the color is better than ACR to my taste, but different from Pentax. So, I'm sticking to Pentax Photo Lab, but you may find you like the results from another converter. It's sort of like being able to load different types of film...

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I use ACR with CS2 mostly because I can convert it and do whatever else I want to (Unsharp Mask, crop, etc.) without having already saved to jpg format. As others have noted, sometimes it does weird things with color and exposure and I'm not good enough with it to match PhotoLab. When that happens, I'll convert that way, which will give me the color/exposure correction even if it does introduce an intermediate step.
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