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you guys talk about old lens and you got me interested in it. tell me what lens are the best in the past 20 years?
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M*, A*, F* & FA*
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The SMC-A* 85 mm f1.4 is by some considered to be the best lens ever made, any brand. I don't know if thats true, but I've got one and its goooood.

All the * (green star) lenses are outstanding - unfortunately the price stands out too - at the wrong end. But if you keep your tentacles out, you might find one at that price one can't resist. I found my SMC-A* 200 mm f2.8 at a local (Swedish) auction site and got it for 265 US$, condition as new. I was the only bidder. The guy who sold it claimed the "high price" since his camera dealer had told him the lens was "something special". By that timethe lens was still on sale new in Sweden for 2 020 US$.

What I'm trying to say is that the bargains are not normally made on E-bay, where sellers and buyers are well-informed and the world is the market-place. The bargains are made when that young man sells his passed away father's equipment. That is the moment when we as Pentax users can laugh at the store-owner who doesn't know what a * green star Pentax lens is and gives poor advice to the young man who asks about the value of poor old dad's stuff.

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I'm no expert, but I enjoy my old M-series lenses on my DS2. It seems that all the Pentax primes are well respected (with the * and Limited series being at the top). You can use DA and FA primes with full autoexposure and autofocus on your D/DS/DL...and if you're willing to focus manually you can use A lenses...and if you're willing to also set exposure manually (with AE-L button) you can use M and K-mount lenses...and with an adapter, there's the whole world of M42 screw-mount lenses.

You asked about the last 20 years, and the great thing is that every lens Pentax has made for that long...actually much longer...is still usable.

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Don't forget that apart from M42 mount lenses,you canalso get adapters to allow you to use 645 format lenses and 6x7 format lenses.

So, when lens hunting in pawn brokers and at flea markets you know what you can fit to your camera.

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