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simson wrote:
Oke good, but i what about focusing while taking action pics. I have read a review saying the autofocus hunts when doing action pics.
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What L series do you mean, cause i like the Pentax *IST DL(Pentax L serie if that's what you mean). It also doen't press too hard on my budget
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Action shot, DS, jpg!

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Here's a good example of a DL shot in low light. This was in a dark canyon in shady conditions. Forgive the hot spot in the center of the turbulent stream...that was my fault for overexposing. But as you can see the focus is clear throughout the scene....using the so called insufficient 3 point AF.
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Remember - the 3 point autofocus doesn't mean that it is trying to keep 3 points in focus, or the 11 point on the DS is keeping 11 in focus all the time -

The advantage of more focus points is in picking where in your frame you want the camera to focus. Most people I know, center focus anyhow - so the rest of the points are wasted. If you need to focus elsewhere in the frame, center focus, then re-frame.
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