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Has any Pentax *IST DL owner experienced slow autofocus while taking action shots.
I'm deciding between Nikon D50 and Pentax *IST DL

Please Help
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I have been using my DL since about February this year. I have not noticed the auto focus to be slow under any circumstances; it seems to work just as well as the auto focus on my 35mm Pentax ZX-L. Hope this helps.
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Its seems the general assumption is theautofocus of the D50 is fasterthan the Pentax D series. Recently I was playing around with the D50 that was set up at a local big box electronic store. I really don't think the D50 is that much faster in focusing (the store was well lit) than the Pentax. If it is, its not by much.

Besides, before I got my DL2, I read a few reviews of the D50,some pointed out there is a colour accuracy problem with the D50's jpeg pictures. If I remember correctly, ertain colour were exaggerated.

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Lately I seem to be using manual focus more, but that is my personal preference

In daylight never had a problem with AF, inside house, again no problem, but in the evening under room lighting only (one bedside lamp or one coffee table lamp, then yes, but not much.

My friend has the D50 and I find his AF appears faster, but we are talking milliseconds, and it does come down to the type of lens being focussed.

His Nikkor lens seems to be very plastic and it snaps to focus quickly and silently. MY lenses are Sigmas and they are built out of metal and plastic and they fous quickly but it is obvioulsy moving a heavier lens, but I would not steer away from the Pentax DL for that reason.

Get into a camera shop and pick up a DL and turn on the AF and have a play, then do the same for the D50, you will know which one is bult tough and which one feels like it is a plastic box.

Side note, the Pentax *ist Digital (all models) have a metal framd body, I know of a DL that was dropped onto a concrete floor from the top of a 10ft ladder. Still worked after being dropped, just required about $50 repair for a new top cover.

Hope you find the camera that suits you.
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I shoot a lot of motorsport with my DS and I get better results with manual pre-focusing on a particular spot on the track.

Nomatter how long it takes to auto focus it must put in some extra delay in between pressing the button and the shutter operating.

Of course I also use a lot of older manual focus lens, as well so auto focus does not apply.
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