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The first would be a repeat of the above. There's a world full of lenses to use. Any 42m screwmount(with adapter), or earlier kmounts can be used. I think even medium format lenses can be used with an adapter. Pentax has mirror lock up, 11 focus points (on ds anyway), power is AA --nimhs, crv3's, lithiums or alkalines (in a pinch if needed). Better viewfinders. Only 2 things I'd really like to see on the d's are a meter button, and an iso button, but it's not a big deal to change these settings on the fly. And of course the final feature that sold me was the feel of the camera. Perfect fit in my hands. The d50 felt a little awkward and uncomfortable compared the the ds. That's just personal taste there. I'm sure the others here on this forum can expand a lot more on the advantages than what I presented. Hope this helps........Don.

vincef wrote:
What are some of the advantages you folks see in the Pentax dSLRs over the D50?
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Besides the lens compatibility (the main reason I bought the Pentax), the DL/DS is lighter and smaller than the D50 (according to the review here, the D50 weighs 540g vs. the 470g the DL weighs, I looked it up). Weight is a big issue when hiking or carrying a camera all day.
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I bought the DS because it got good reviews and when i handled it I much preferred it to the Nikon or the Canon.

But now mine has just died on me and had to be sent off to the shop - the power wouldn't work. And I tried new batteries and everything. Has that happened to anyone before?
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I had a similar experience - the internal flash on my DS died. Had to go back to Pentax in Colorado to replace a circuit card. When I got it back, the flash still didn't work. Turns out the contacts in the battery compartment were dirty on top of having a bad circuit card. You might try cleaning the contacts firstjust in case. I just rubbed them with a pencil eraser since I didn't want to use a solvent.

It took 5 months to repair mostly because I worked through a local shop. It took two weeks for the local shop to figure out they couldn't repair it. Then another two weeks to ship to Pentax etc. I recommend sending it straight to Pentax since it appears bad circuit boards can only be repaired there. It should take about 4-6 weeks to repair because the parts have to come from Japan.

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