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Tried this trial freeware 1.2 by pixmantec.com for a few days and find it to be a miracle piece of software!

Auto exposure and auto white balance works fairly well, or, at least they do provide a good starting point to work with. I like its exposure control of separate highlight and shadow contrast adjustment plus the unique fill light function to fill in the "gaps" in between!

I don't know how exactly the RSE make its calculation nor what algorithms it used, but it does produce very decent output pictures with fairly good intelligence sometimes which I cannot even make such nice *manual* adjustment with my Pentax Photo Laboratory 2.1 (the latest version). Well, the RSE simply wins hands down IMHO..

The multi-tasking smoothness (within both the RSE and with other applications as well) plus its conversion speed are both amazing and far superior to the Pentax Photo Lab, furthermore.

Interesting, the RSE shows that quite many of my Pentax RAW pictures are underexposured for most of the time and the adjustment values are sometimes quite close to my underexposure values measured by my exposure accuracy tests of DSLRs at my homepage, for those reallife pictures which I did not impose any +ve exposure compensation at the time of shooting. (For details about my findings of exposure accuracy of different Pentax and Canon DSLRs, see:- http://www.geocities.com/ricehigh ). This comparison results look truely amazing to me indeed! (except that the RSE tends to expose for highlights, too, but for evenly illunimated scenes, the +ve "auto" exposure compensation of RSE is actually quite consistent and *fairly* *accurate!)

Well, after praising so long for this wonderful piece of RAW convertor, I have a question to ask: Is it possible to do *batch conversion* with Auto Exposure and/or Auto WB, instead of carrying the same adjustment settings for the whole batch?? Anyone knows? TIA for any hints! Or, is RS Premium can have this feature? (If so, I will not hesitate to buy one! provided that Pixmantec commits to provide future free update to new DSLR models - of which the RAW format might be different - anyone knows if Pixmantec has this offer or commitment, like quite some other software vendors provide??)

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Hi there

I agree with you about RawShooter Essentials, a great piece of software. Have you tried SilkyPix Developer Studio, it also hasa freeware version, and appears to be very similar. I got a *ist DL2 a month ago, and they were the only software to recognize my camera (apart from the Pentax stuff).

Since then Camera Raw 3.4 has come out, (I use PSE3),and I am playing with all three at the moment, so I have not come to any final conclusions yet. They all work well and are easy to use.

Give SilkyPix Developer Studio a try, you might like it (it's free).

All the best


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Sorry, but I disagree, Pentax PhotoLab v2 (not v2-1) wins hands down.

I've tried them all & to be honest, for processing typically in excess of 100 shots, I've found Pentax Photolab v2 to produce favourable results. When set on AUTO, the results appear much the same as when JPEG is used but with improved sharpness.

Occasionally, I use the converter in Adobe Photoshop CS2 to process a few that PPL v2 fail to get right BUT that doesn't happen too often.

I've posted several comparisons in earlier topics if you fee like downloading these full size version - free free:



In conclusion - use PPLv2 then Adobe ACR 3.3
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How about some examples to see how well it works?

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I have RSP and if i understand You Correctly the answer is no. You can as you Stated make a batch adjustment to all with the same settings. However you can not Import or Export and have Auto Adjustments to each picture.
RSP adds things such as Brillance contrl, Curves. levels, batch rename, resize and many more.
IMO Well worth the upgrade.
They also offer a Color engine that is suposed To add different Color profiles. IMHO its not worth It. Others i Know love it.

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Given theearlier recommendations of BBP, I've checked it out again with PPL V2 with the results shown below.

It confirms my earlier findings in as much that PPL v2 produces exceptionally good conversions with NO ADDITIONAL adjustments, whereas BBP does require Post Processing & some of the results with their USM are quite surprising.

The most strangest thing of all is that the Viewer Image looks far better than that which can be converted. When I contacted them to query this, this said it was that the program is optimised for Canon BUT how come the Viewer Image which must be converted in their software can come out better - weird.

Attached Images
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