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I didn't say it wasn't a good marketing idea to include it, I just would not pay extra to get it.

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...and I'm just trying to rationalize how I shouldn't feel like a fool for waiting months and months and then finally buying the DL Kit last week!
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ennacac wrote:
I didn't say it wasn't a good marketing idea to include it, I just would not pay extra to get it.

i'd certainly pay an extra 100 for it.. i just have shaky hands.. i'm sure it would help shoot macros..

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I won't argue whether anti-shake is worth extra money or not, that depends on the person and what they use the camera for. If I had a choice of 2 cameras in front of me that were otherwise identical, I'd definitely spend the extra for the anti-shake. But when the question is to get a camera now or wait 4 months for one with anti-shake, then unless my primary purpose was using it in clubs, I wouldn't wait. I'd get the DL now and then upgrade in a year or 2, when I've "cut my teeth" on the DL and know more about the camera.

Considering how much trouble I had with the Panasonic FZ30, I'm constantly amazed that I don't have much camera shake with the Pentax (could be I'm using faster lenses and so my shutter speeds are consistently faster, and I've always had better luck holding a slightly heavier camera steady). I'm delighted that Pentax is coming out with a camera having it, and when the DS I have finally dies (hopefully I'll get several years out of it), I'll buy another Pentax with it.

I'm still concerned about the 10 mp camera - I'd want to see LOTS of examples before buying one (again, comes from mehaving beenso disappointed in the Panasonic). I have no plans on upgrading my camera until my current one has problems.
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Old May 24, 2006, 7:02 AM   #15
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thanks for all the replies. i think i'll be picking one up pretty soon. looks like places like buydig and other online sites that had the lowest prices just up their prices. like they knew i was coming! haha! anyways, i'll probably give it a week (if even that) and see if the price drops but i can't wait much longer!
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Agreed. IfPanasonic FZ30 is any indication, the new IS Pentax , particularly the first batch , may not worth a lot. It is a challenge both electronics wise and software wise. I hope it is better than expectation. But how many times did we find all of the hype about some new features.
Well foolproof but heavy tripod is always the answer I do not mind the weight.
I am looking at a 2nd body (for a teleprime) and a new DL or DL2 body is really appealing price wise.


ennacac wrote:
Anti-Shake is not worth paying more for or waiting for if that is your deciding factor. It is not as worth while as most people seem to think it is and I would not buy the 110D (actually the 100D only has anti-shake, the 110D does not) just to get that feature.

The 11 point AF sensor and USB2 are reasons to get the 110D/100D over the DL in my opinion, although there is a limit to how long I would wait for the camera to come to stores.

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Old May 24, 2006, 10:26 AM   #17
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One comment on megapixels. The current 6MP Sony chip used by so many companies is adequate in resolution for most of us, but we would like more, but at what cost. Most of the current cameras over 8MP seem to have some image quality issues (even some of the super expensive pro models have minor issues) while this old 6MP chip seems to be very well sorted out. When I am readyto upgrade in a couple of years I hope the resolution will be higher but right now I would stick with the tried and true. Pentax should be careful however not to produce too many similar models, the DS, DL, DS2, DL2, and now K110D and K100D are all very similar, perhaps too similar from a marketting standpoint. Perhaps they hope to capitalize on the K100D name as being similar too their biggest success story, the K1000.

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If I were a Pentax shooter, I'd probably value the AF upgrade as much as the Shake Reduction.

11 AF Sensors, with 9 of them the cross type (the better type) is neat. Hopefully, it's AF performance will be super.

Great AF combined with Shake Reduction, a bright prime, and ISO speeds up to ISO 3200 would be a neat package for low light use.

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Old May 24, 2006, 12:05 PM   #19
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derbunk wrote:
I've spotted a few more in the press release:

PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory 3 that features the reliable SILKYPIX image processing engine developed by ICHIKAWA SOFT LABORATORY, for RAW data processing, and the PENTAX PHOTO Browser 3 that offers faster data processing speed and better operability than the previous version, and can convert RAW images to the DNG format. DNG is a public, archival format for digital camera raw data.
Does anyone know if this available for download anywhere - I've performed a fruitless web search & it's not listed on the Pentax site. Probably have to wait until it's released.
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I wondered the same thing - as well as if they were going to provide a firmware updated for the current cameras to allow for by-date folders file saving.

I sent an email to pentax on the second item - got back a non-commital *maybe* type answer. You could try sending a question in to pentax from their web site.

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