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I had my heart set on getting the *ist DL until I saw that the K100D and K110D. Anyways I'm a beginner photographer on a budget and I was wondering if the K110D is worth the wait. The price difference I believe would be around $100-150 but I would have to wait till August which gives away my whole summer to learn/practice photography.

Anyways I would like to know if it's worth the wait or should i just get the *st DL now.

That being said also what are some good sharp lens to work with at cheap prices.
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Old May 23, 2006, 12:21 AM   #2
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Tough question. I owned a Panasonic FZ30 for a month and wasn't all that impressed with the anti-shake on it, so if it were me, I'd be buying the DL sooner, rather than waiting (I might wait a little bit to see if the official notice will lower the DL's price a bit). If you get the DL you'll have a nice camera and the summer to have fun and get lots ofpractice. And by the end of the summer, you'll know if you'll need anti-shake or not - just my 2 cents.

If you don't mind learning how to use manual lenses, the old 50mm f1.7 lens is very sharp, shouldn't be too expensive and is easily available.
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Anti-Shake is not worth paying more for or waiting for if that is your deciding factor. It is not as worth while as most people seem to think it is and I would not buy the 110D (actually the 100D only has anti-shake, the 110D does not) just to get that feature.

The 11 point AF sensor and USB2 are reasons to get the 110D/100D over the DL in my opinion, although there is a limit to how long I would wait for the camera to come to stores.

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The sensor will remain the same in the version of 6mp? I´m in the same doubt, an for me the sensor is a significant diference, I fink the actual sensor is going really outdate.
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After reading the boards and waiting for months to finally to decide to act...I bought the DL 2 weeks ago from Buydig.com for US$456. It was too cheap to pass up, shipped for free (and came with the 18-55 kit lens) plus I have a Tamron 28-200 from my old MZ-10 which works great.

I too am a real beginner and while I am somewhat ticked off that the new cameras are announced now, at the end end of the day, unless the DL drops significantly in price (which it likely still will, but $456 was a pretty good price) it is unlikely that at my level of photography skill (and for the foreseeable future) the new camera would offer much advantage.

If you are ready to buy, and the new cameras will not ship until late summer, it would be tough (for me) to wait. (Of course, if the new cameras were shipping in the next couple of weeks, I would wait and spend the extra $100 or so to get the newer line)
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Think of all the pictures you will miss if you wait!

The sensor is the same, so pic quality won't be much different. I would say buy now, get good glass. When they release the second generation of SR, then look into upgrading, maybe ~2 years from now.

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Old May 23, 2006, 1:00 PM   #7
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Looks like the K100D has only two advantages over the DL, the camera shake reduction and a name that makes sense.

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I've spotted a few more in the press release:

Upgraded standard software package
The K100D's standard software package consists of the PENTAX PHOTO Laboratory 3 that features the reliable SILKYPIX image processing engine developed by ICHIKAWA SOFT LABORATORY, for RAW data processing, and the PENTAX PHOTO Browser 3 that offers faster data processing speed and better operability than the previous version, and can convert RAW images to the DNG format. DNG is a public, archival format for digital camera raw data.

Save-by-day Storage Capability on an SD memory card
Images may be stored in a standard format where all files are located in one folder, or the images can be stored in folders for each day of shooting automatically on an SD memory card.

11-point wide-frame AF to capture off-center subjects in crisp focus

SilkyPix is a great RAW converter. The full standalone version costs $140US, so if the Pentax version is even close to it, it's a great bonus.

I guess we'll know more in August :-?.

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ennacac wrote:
Anti-Shake is not worth paying more for or waiting for if that is your deciding factor. It is not as worth while as most people seem to think it is and I would not buy the 110D (actually the 100D only has anti-shake, the 110D does not) just to get that feature.
That's a matter of opinion. ;-)

Two stops is two stops if you don't want to lug a tripod around, and even if it's so ineffective you only get one stop, that's still one more stop. lol

Even if you don't like shooting in low light, it could allow you to use lower ISO speeds for the same lighting and aperture without a tripod, or stop down your aperture more for depth of field purposes without worrying about your shutter speeds as much.

Sure, it's not going to help for subject movement, and it's not going to work miracles if you're outside of the design specs. But, I've got photos taken at ridicuously slow shutter speeds with anti-shake in some of the low light clubs in my area (for example, 1/8 second using a 100mm f2, wide open at f/2 shooting at ISO 3200).

They're not "tack sharp" that way (mostly because of subject movement, and that's well outside the design specs for anti-shake). But, from my experience with other cameras, I wouldn't have gotten usable photos at all trying that without a tripod or flash. It's a really nice feature to have and it lets you get photos that would be impossible with other cameras without a tripod.

Anti-shake is the primary reason I went with a Konica Minolta DSLR model, especially since most of my existing 35mm gearis Nikon. With a body based stabilization system, all of your lenses benefit, including bright primes, macro lenses, cheap zooms, etc..

With Nikon and Canon, you're limited in your selection of lenses with built in stabilization (and you're paying a premium to get it).

I think it's a good move on the part of Pentax to include this feature.

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Old May 23, 2006, 5:24 PM   #10
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i think i've got to side with jim on this. i've seen many a shot that were handheld that there's no way i'd even consider trying. K/M did the right thing including it onboard and pentax is making the right decision including it. that's not to say i'm going to get one. if i decide to upgrade i'll wait for the 10meg w/IS comes out.

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