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I buy a magazine here in Australia called "Better Photoshop Technique"


Their latest issue #6 lists cameras capable of shooting RAW. I couldn't believe my eyes when I viewed the list. It was comprehensive and even listed the now defunct K&M brand. but NOT Pentax, nope, not one single mention of Pentax.

Now, that is either blatant bias or absolute Ignorance...

I was so ticked off I sent them a letter and it is not often I do that...actually it is the first time I have ever emailed a magazine to complain.

see attached..

Dear Editor

I would like to mention a couple of things regarding your magazine.

I only recently started reading your magazine and love the content and easy way of presenting information. I have been using Photoshop for a while and was really only using it to a fraction of the programs abilities until now. Since reading your magazine I have been trying every technique mentioned and use them to enhance my digital images with some really amazing results, thank you.

That brings me to my second point. I was reading your current Issue (#6) and reading up on RAW file format, which is an area that I am familiar with. I do shoot in RAW and currently use Raw Shooter Essentials to convert my images before doing any sort of adjustments with Photoshop.

I was very disappointed in either the research into the subject matter or the blatant bias displayed in the article.

I refer to page 92 of Issue #6 where a grey box titled "RAW capable cameras" lists cameras capable of shooting in and recording in RAW format. The list is quite comprehensive even listing cameras like Konica-Minolta, which ceased the camera business on March 31, 2006.

But what both surprised and disappointed me is the absolute disregard for PENTAX. Pentax digital cameras ranging from the *ist D, DS, DL, DS2, DL2 and the up and coming K110D and K100D ALL shoot and record in RAW format (PEF) which is supported by programs like Raw Shooter Essentials.

Can you explain to me how or why Pentax was completely left of this list?

Yours sincerely

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