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harriet is correct but she forgot to say that you have to be in M (manual) mode to do this. if you are in Av then the shutter lock when you press the AE-L button. i also use my older lenses more than the 3 AFs i have..
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I did forget to mention that you have to have the camera set to M. You can still use a manualK-Mount lenswith thecamera set forAv (or P for that matter) but those modes won't stop down the lens when you push AE-L, so you will be shooting with a wide open lens. That's not a bad thing if you are shooting in low light (especially if you were planning on using that aperture, it's one less thing to think about), but isn't such a good idea if you are shooting outdoors on a bright, sunny day with a 50mm 1.7 lens. Even with a max shutter speed of 1/4000, it isn't fast enough to not overexpose a shot (I have personal experience with this!).
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Once again thanks to everyone for the advice.

We haven't snared a deal yet, what with work commitments, kids etc etc, but the discounts on ist DL are starting to look better right now (for some reason??), so it shouldn't be long. Just for info, we pay Australian$890 tax included(US$660) for the istDL single lense "kit", this includes a pretty ordinary sigma lense. What is the price in the US - I guessits much better?

Anyway I have attached a photo of the lense, and I'd appreciate getting any feedback on this unit (Tokina AT-X with 77mm objective). It's been a delight to use with the single big zoom/focus ring, makes outdoor photography more like a sport!!
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Hi Soundbyer.

I too am from Sydney and Bought a *istDS about 18 months ago, best decision I ever made. All my old manual lenses swap over without a problem, and by using the full manual settings you get a better grasp of photography's principles with trial and error.

Which shop are you reffering to exactly, I work in the city and have found some places to not have the slightest amount of knowledge on Pentax products at all, and even go as far as bagging the pentax for the sole reason they know nothing about it.

Using my f/1.7 Pentax 50mm prime and 70-200 Tamron Telephoto I have snared my share of published shots from a relatively in-expensive and impeccably reliable camera.

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Hi soundbyer

Price from B&H photo(NYC) is $549.00 USD. That is with the Pentax 18-55DA Kit Lense

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G'day from W.A.

I have amongst my growing list of lenses two old M42 screw mount lenses that work with the adapter and they work just superb.

I also have a Tokina RMC 80-200 f4.5 bayonet mount lens that is the sharpest night time lens I own and picked it up from the local pawn broker for $50AUS.

Lastly, don't knock the Sigma lenses, they are great.

I spoke direct to our local Pentax/Sigma/hasselblad importer the other day, did you know that Sigma makes lenses for LEICA? So the Sigma lenses are actually quite good and getting better.
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I keep hearing references madeabout focusing with a wide open apeture
... letting the camera stop down... push the AE-L to lock the exposure
and etc. Perhaps I have missed something about my K-mounts over the
past 30 years... the camera cannot control the apeture ring on the manual K-mounts
that I have. YOU adjust the f-stop and let the *ist select the shutter speed based on your ISO settings. Some responders must be referring to a K-mount thats was from a "Programmable"Pentax.. my ME Super was not one of those, :-)thusly all my lenses have to be coaxed to change their apeturesby twisting their little necks. :GMoreexplanation may be needed for clarification to some readers.

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