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I have done a little more tests on my Metz flashes (40MZ-2/MZ-3i) and SCA adaptors (301/372/3701M2) with my Z-1p, MZ-10 and *istDS cameras and FA31/1.8 Limited lens. All results are only "bounced flash" which was chosen because of my own preference for indoor shooting. They behave quite differently when not bounced so cannot be compared with direct flash which I have not tested thoroughly. I have double/triple-checked my tests until they are totally confirmed by the Sekonic L308S meter. I have two Metz flashes and two 3701M2 shoe soany faulty connection is ruled out. The exact readings are not important but their "patterns" are. Only 'A' flash was tested, not TTL.
SCA301/372 analog shoe, iso400/800, all cameras:
[chosen aperture: L308S reading]
f2: 1.7
f2.8: 2.4
f4: 2.8
f5.6: 4
f8: 5.6
f11: 8
f16: 11
f22: 16
SCA3701M2 digital shoe:

Z-1p, iso400/800:
f1.8: 1.4
f2.8: 2
f4: 2.8
f5.6: 4
f8: 5.6
f11: 8
f16: 11
f22: 16

MZ-10 & *istDS
- iso400:
f1.8 - 6.5: 4.8
f8-22: 13
- iso800:
f1.8 - 9.5: 6.7
f11-22: 19
As it can be seen above, the plain old analog shoe produces the most accurate result (actually from 200 to 3200 at any aperture setting, but I do not have the data anymore). With 3701M2 shoe, only the Z-1p works properly. With MZ-10 & *istDS, the results are totally weird and unexplainable. I would imagine this shoe was designed for the Z series but its reverse engineering shows limitation on newer cameras. There is also 3701M3 & 3702 shoe which might or might not have this issue, but I do not possess these shoe so cannot be tested. Anyone using this particular shoe, 3701M2, might wish to consider switching back to analog shoe like 301 or 372 if using 'A' flash.
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I do not keep strobes used with Pentax models.

But, Metz can update an older foot to the newest firmware for you. I know of KM DSLR owners with Metz MZ series strobes using the SCA3302M4 foot (newest is now M6 for Minolta models) that let Bogen update one for better compatibility.

So, that may be an option if you have a Metz foot that's not current that has compatibility issues with newer Pentax models.

In the U.S., Bogen Imaging performs this update service for Metz:

Bogen Imaging Inc.
P.O. Box 506
Ramsey, N.J. 07446-0506
Telephone: 201-818-9500
Fax: 201-818-9177
E-Mail: [email protected]

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