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I've had my ist* DL for about a week now, I've pretty much figured out what all the different settings do with the help of this website !!!
Although the "Meter operating time" in the custom settings has me scratching my head for some reason. I've tried the different settings of 3, 10 and 30 seconds but I don't notice any different behavior from the camera.

I would appreciate if someone could elaborate on how the Meter operating time works, why would I want to change it's value and for which scenario would I want to change it.

much appreciated....

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Oh, how interesting - I hadn't noticed that in the handbook. I would guess it's how long the camera will keep metering a scene when you either half press the shutter speed or press the AE-L button. I would guess that the time I have to do something before it stops metering is about 10 seconds, what the default is (I looked it up). I can't imagine wanting to set it to 3 seconds - I'd never manage to take a pictures. I could see using 30 seconds under some conditions, but would it be worth the extra drain on batteries? Probably only very occasionally.

Thanks for pointing that out - I'll have to keep that in mind. Now, since I really don't know and it's too dark out to experiment, did I guess right?
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hi, i think the meter operating time how long the info stays up on the small lcd and in the view finder after you take your finger off the shutter button (like if you focussed but didn't shoot). i also think i remember that the exposure lock lasts twice as long as the m.o.t. is set for.

mine is set for 30 seconds as i work pretty slowly a lot of the time. whatever it was initially set for was way to short for this old guy.

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your right, it controls how long the information stays in the viewfinder. I tried it last night.

thanks !

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