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Hi gang - I was at Costco last night and in one of the all time great impulse buys ever, I bought a Sanyo NI-MH charger with 6 AA 2500 mAh batteries. Included were also 2 AAA batteries. The price was $19.95, so I thought I would try them. They had a bunch of these kits to unload and on the package is the website below. I wish they would have had 8 AA's instead of the 2 AAA's.


They have a special Costco linkon the websiteto print out a manual. What I found interesting is there is a link on the bottom right for GE/Sanyo consumer batteries. I clicked on it and there is a picture of an egg hatching saying something great is about to happen. Has anyone heard if they have a new battery up there sleeve that is way ahead of what we have now?

Anyway, I hope I didn't buy a lemon, but the Sanyo AA's were made in Japan, although the charger is made in China. The charger has the ability to give you a charge reading on the battery to tell how much is left. I have been using Eveready Lithiums, but this kit price wasalmost as cheap as the Lithium batteries along. I thought all this might make an interesting discussion - Bruce
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Hi bper:

That is a great deal, Sanyo makes very good NI-MH batteries.I have been using their quick charger along with 1500 to 2500 NI MH batteries for years and never a problem

The now have 2700s theylast a little longer but are higher priced.For the price you paid it's hard to beat,go buy some more batteries and you'll be fine .They are not lemons far from it,with one charge out of the 2500s I get about 500 shots my DSLR.

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I bought the kit at Costco (might be a different one, but the price sounds right) at least a month ago, perhaps more. I haven't had any problems at all with either the charger or the batteries. I just haven't found a good use yet for the AAA batteries...
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I too have Sanyo rechargeables ... for 3 years at least with no issues. Seem like very good products.

Cheers, Mike

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I bought a set of the New Sanyo 2700's for my DS. They Work Fine. In a couple of weeks i Will be putting them to the Torture test at an Air Show. However, i used thema week ago at a Auto race andI Took about35o pictures and the battery Meter showed full.

They supposedly are using some new technology:

"The Sanyo Rechargeable Battery uses a new structural negative electrode material "Superlattice Alloy" which enables Ni-MH rechargeable batteries to have higher capacity and higher performance. "

Thomas Distrbuting Has them For $11.95 for a set of 4

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i bought these from costco several months ago. they're the only batteries i use on my DL and they work great.
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