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Is continous autofocus bad for the lens if I use it like single shot focus?

I have the Dl and the standard lens and finally got to put it through it's paces today. In a fairly well lit room it hunted on a portrait shot and the camera would not take the shot until it found focus in single shot single focus mode. Took 5-10 seconds to get the shot.

Drove me nuts.

I just for giggles flipped it into continuous focus mode tonight in my low lit bedroom and found it would take a shot anytime I fully pressed the button down whether it was in focus or not.

I know you might say why shoot if it isn't in focus. I notice that the camera sometimes gets in focus fast but there is a delay before the green focus indicator goes on and it beeps then will launch the shutter. Seems like if I used continuous focus and snapped(only if I had to of course) the shot as soon as it looked in focus I'd be good. I'd only need this needed to take a shot fast I would guess.

Again, this is my first day with the camera so I am exploring the features.

One more thing...I think I can tweek the focus manually without moving the lens button to manual focus. Doesn't seem like it is doing anything wrong. Is this ok for quick tweeks? I know the manual says you should program it so you hold the ok button then you can move the lens. I don't know if I'd ever do non total manual anyway but exploring options.
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I would suggest you do not manually focus while the camera is in autofocus mode.

When you do this you are putting strain and wear onto the drive mechanism in your lens it was not designed to handle.

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If you are using the DA 18-55mm kit lens it is designed to allow manual focus while in AF mode. Don't try this with any other lenses however (except for the DA and some FA* lenses they cannot be manually focused in AF mode). BTW I like Corvairs as well.

philneast, as I stated the DA kit lens declutches to allow manual focus in AF mode. F and FA lenses do not, as you pointed out. Some FA* lenses also allow this MF in AF mode shift.


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