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So some of you may have seen me drifting around these forums for a while. I like looking at everyone's pictures and usually find myself wishing I had better depth-of-field then the kit lens on my *ist DL. I've never taken any classes but I read many books so I have a reasonably firm understanding on aperature and how it affects the camera and never use any preset features on the camera such as "normal mode". I'm an aperature proprietary fan and I dabble with manual. Focus is a concern but the more I use the MF, the more I prefer it as I'm not an action guy. I really like tripods and would much prefer to setup for a picture then run around and risk blur or something gawdawful like that. All these facts are a little irrelavent so consider them "get to know" material.

I just need a quality lens that will give me awesome colors and multi-coats and whatever. Since I dont want to stock pile lenses, and I also take care of my camera as if it were a child, I feel confident in buying something that most would consider "too hot for some snot nosed kids". I would like a range of maybe 200mm and as small an aperture as possible. Since AF of this caliber would be quite expensive, I am seriously considering a manual. Also I come to you knowledgeable veterans because I'm in the wrong generation to go hunting for manual lenses. I would like to spend about 200 (or less) on a lens, thats the limiting factor. Help me obi-wan kenobi, you're my only hope.

Basically, I dont need you to find me the lens, but if you could throw out brand names or models that might ballpark what I'm after, that would be very helpful. I dont know who was "good" back in the 70s-80s...

I'm also thinking about calibrating my camera somehow so if you have any input on that, go ahead and share what you know, or think you know.

Thanks guys the next topic wont be so much reading,

-Alex the national geographic photographer wannabereallybadly

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200usd limits your choices a lot.
manypeople go for the sigma 70-300 f4-5.6APO
alison's thread with the hawk has some examples of this lens. it also can be used as a 1:2 macro. i've got one for sale also for 105usd. it's a versatile lens.

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Hi Pentaxchamp

I am the opposite of you. My Fortay is Action Shots and adding age related Issues(Eyes), I prefer AF To Manuel.
However, to Your question. I Can recomend This lense. It is the One i used and loved on my Pentax ME, the Pentax M 200MM F4. It Works great With my DS.

"Robar" Should Be able to help You more with this Question. HE has purchased MANY lenses(LBA)!!

I see you Beat me to It Roy


EDIT: I will second Roy on the Sigma. I Have the 70-300 APO DG version and its a great lense for the money.
In reading Your post i thought you were looking for Manuel Lenses
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actually i have a mint M200 f4 i'd be willing to part with.
alex, PM me if you are interested.

back to the subject . me , i'm pretty much a manual person. it's probably because i put the camera down for 20 years and missed all the auto focus, zoom, auto aperture and speed stuff. altho i like AF i can certainly live without it as my LBA list will attest.. one thing i do really like is the A setting on a lens. with most of what i shoot i can usually manual focus as fast or faster than AF especially with the A setting being used. altho the newer lenses are light weight i still love a lens with substance. the plastic lenses of nowadays just don't feel right to me. i LOVE digital film tho. what a miracle of science..

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I am a both shooter. Auto focus And if I don't like it, I touch it up with manual focus.

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Up until the past few days, I have always gone for autofocus. However, I have now discovered manual focus and actually prefer it for my macroshots and even my Buzzard shots were mostly manual, I was able to choose better which part of the bird I wanted to focus on.

It didn't work so well for flight shots however! lol! I missed every time! rofl!

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manual focus is the only way to go with macros. with the distances involved AF can't keep up. i put the lens on the size image i want and lean in and out slowly..
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The Phoenix lens I just bought is AF, and it seems to have real problems focusing when used as a macro lens. It does fine when its being used at longer ranges. I'm glad that I've had all that practice with the manual lenses I own.

I wish that my Pentax F 70-210 lens hadn't died before I got the DS - when I was shooting film it was my favorite lens, and I thought it was sharper than the Kiron 80-200 lens that had been my fathers (when new the two lenses cost about the same). It might be an option if you want a zoom that ony goes out to 200 mm. Rather than look for one of these old lenses, I ended up buying the DA 50-200 and have been very happy with it.
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Check out "Tamron Adaptall" lenses, my parrot shots were taken with a 80-250 f/3.8 manual focus Tamron lens and don't forget any of the M42 mount lenses, there are aheap of 135mm f3.5 and f2.8 lenses out there along with a bunch of 200mm f/4 and 300 f/4 and 500 f/4.5 lenses ALL manual focus.

Let the LBA begin....:O:shock::shock::shock::shock::O
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robar wrote:
manual focus is the only way to go with macros. with the distances involved AF can't keep up. i put the lens on the size image i want and lean in and out slowly..
With macro lenses, I didn't know there was another way. My problem, now, is maintaining a steady lean once I get there. I guess that's why I use a 100mm macro.
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