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I joined 4 months ago. And the thing that has impressed me the most about the Forum is the friendliness of you all. It a nice break from the other Forum i hangout In. Everyother thread ends up in an Flame war or just plain bad feelings. Roy knows the one i am refering To.

I have learned a great deal from just hanging out and lurking. But if i feel i have something to add i will jump in.


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Great forum. Been reading Steve's reviews for about eight months, when I decided on the Kodak Z740. Girlfriend bought it for me for christmas. She has now inherited it as I decided a DSLR was the way to go, and bought the *ist DL2. Was convinced by the Canon 350D (couple of people at work have them), then the Nikon D70s (too pricey!!), then discovered a little known camera made by an obscure little company called Pentax! Most stores don't stock them, those that do frown when you ask to see them, and stock no accessories to go with them.

However, the price is very good, the company saw the sense in true backwards compatability, and the camera is a joy to hold and use.

Just to bore you all, I got my first camera when I was about nine, a Zenit E with 50mm lens and 135mm telephoto. (Dad had bought state of the art K1000). Did an exam at school with the Zenit and passed (learnt how to develop and print photos), later got my own darkroom equipment at home. Later upgraded to Minolta 7000i, 2 lenses and flashgun. Did a wedding with that kit!

Had some spare money and went to a Nikon F70, 28-70 and 70-300 lenses, plus SB26 flashgun, remote control etc etc, bought 26mm lens and Benbo tracker tripod.

Bad news -Burglary. Left with tripod only. Not insured!

Started again with digital - cheap camera 1Mp fixed lens £99. Died 6 months later! Got 2Mp camera £100 lasted 18 months then bought a 3.2Mp for £80 in a sale. Perfect results. All auto 3x zoom and prints up to A4 (printer friendly). Then Z740 and DL2. So 3 cameras left - all digital.

That's where I am now. Just spending a few months re-learning all those little SLR tips and tricks to get good photos.

Thanks to all at this forum who offer help, advice and constuctive criticsim and a damn good laugh.

Photography can be hard, easy, soul and marriage distroying. BUT always fun and never boring.


PS sorry for the essay - got carried away!
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The only problem with this forum is that lately I've been spending too much time reading the posts and not enough time out taking pictures.
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jerkules wrote:
The only problem with this forum is that lately I've been spending too much time reading the posts and not enough time out taking pictures.
LOL! The only problem with this forum is that I've gotten such great advice, I've spent more money than I had originally planned on and can't afford to go someplace interesting (as in different, away from my backyard or work) to take photos!
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Crashman wrote:
I must admit to being a bit of a lurker over at DPReview, I may have posted there maybe 5 times, but check it out every couple of days. :roll:

Here on the other hand, I truly enjoy the forum and the members comments. Though I think we have a LOT of lurkers here, judging by the number of views some threads get with the same 20 members doing ALL the posting. :-D:-D

Come on guys and gals, intro yourselves with one of your favourite a pics and say hello, we don't bite (well we might nibble a bit).
i do the same thing more the less.
DPReview is huge in terms of posting.
your posting could be in the next page after a few hours.
i have found this forum to be friendier and msg are coming at a less hectic pace.
also the built-in image upload capability is a plus even though i am not using it after getting an account with pbase.

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Another nice feature of this forum is the "edit" feature after you have posted, so you can include some items you forgot to mention when you first hit the "send" button.

I like dpreview also, but right now there is too much speculation and not enough practical application, so I don't post much there any longer.

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Haven't been on in a while. Amazing how work gets in the way of doing things that are fun, but even when I can't get on all the time, I do check back and review all of the posts in the forum. I joined after getting my DL in February and really enjoy the forum. Learning a lot about Pentax which I stumbled on while looking for a DSLR. I had been looking at about every DSLR out there, when I saw the DL in the display case. Asked to see it and I really liked the feel of the camera. Went home and did some research and went back and bought the DL. Been a happy camper with it. This forum provides a lot of useful information especially for someone like me who didn't know much about Pentax. Thanks for all the great information and the friendliness of the forum. Also thanks for sharing your photos. You take some great photos.

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I notice that the other DSLR forums seem to have a majority of posts about problems with their cameras, here the topic seems to always come back to pictures(and Lens selection and the dreaded LBA of course). Pentax is like the Macintosh computer of cameras, it may not be for everyone but the loyal are very loyal indeed.

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:|You are right on the money! We Pentax owners seem to be proud of our equipment and talk about the fun and enjoyment we get with it. Perhaps we should come up with a catchy name for our breed!

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I like this forum because we talk about pictures more than we discuss equipment. Sure, the technology is an important part of the craft at this time, but I bought the camera to take pictures, not to enter into long discussions about megapixels and anti-shake technology.

For a number of years, I built my own PCs, but at my age (now 54), I just want to use 'em, not understand what's inside. The same goes for cameras.
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