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All true comments. Hadn't thought of it that way.

Maybe I'll change my ways.

I do have a photo printer (HP 7350) with card reader, but the card reader quit working not too long after getting it. I had already returned one printer for scratches it was leaving on my prints. Just got used to transfering via the cable.

I only have 3 - 64MB cards for my camera, so I never noticed it taking a long time to download photos. I can see how having a larger card with more photos could be faster with a card reader.

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robar wrote:
me too.
there must be an issue with the battery meters. sometimes mine will say empty and i just keep on shooting. thought this was taken care of with v2 but i think maybe the meter is a little AI and is messing with our heads. when the cam turns off is when i change them.

Pretty normal for Pentax DSLRs. Actually, I have reported this problem a while ago in my review of the *ist DS:-


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(1) There is no acurate way to measure non-Li-Ion battery juice. Whatever your camera tells you is just a guesstimate. You will find the only accurate battery meter is on devices that uses Li-Ion rechargable batteries.

(2) Although card reader is faster to transfer files, the contacts inside your camera that connects to your SD card may wear out quick that you thought. If that happens, you've got a perfectly fine camera with no capability to store pictures. I always use USB cable. I've see couple digital cameras (some early canon P&S) ended up this way.
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