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Roy said:

however!! without the glass they make good extension tubes for macro work.
John said:

Only problem was it had what I think was a Minolta mount and it was just a little too expensive for something that was clearly un-loved, dirty and no case or whatever.
Maybe someone could get a shot of this type of mount and John could tell us what he did.

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There was really nothing at all in the conversion once I worked out what to do.

First, by holding the lens in front of the camera I determined that focus may have been possible. Initially I expected to have to shorten the lens body some how, cringe, not something I could have managed. So I had a back-up plan to shorten a teleconverter which I would have been much more comfortable fitting to a lathe!

I took the back flange off a teleconverter and took the back flange off the lens, the screw holes lined up. So I fitted the K mount to the lens but while doing so I was unhappy about the two f stop levers going into my camera so I removed those and by studying how they connected I was able to set the lens full open.

The lens mounted OK and I had full range focus.:-)

The auto focus drive on the lens tended to foul the front of the camera so I cut that back with a little grinder.

Thats about all there was to the conversion really and in hindsight I guess Sigma made the same lens for K and other mounts which explains the screw holes lining up. They would have had to make different levers for the f stop and the auto focus drive was a different size.

So, now I have a manual focus f=400mm 1:5.6 (fixed).

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