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It would be nice to have the greater feedback of the shake reduction such as the new sony has. It's like a little biofeedback system really... :-)
That being said. It's not enough of a reason to switch to the sony for me, especially considering the price difference.
As somebody else mentioned, there is a big switch on the back of the camera to turn the SR on and off, so I too laughed when I read people saying they didn't know if iti was on or not.
There was some griping about the earlier models jpg ability. i think this stemmed from the dpreview review of the DS. Many people seem fine with it though.
It's important to remember with reviews that they almost always test under factory default. This is fair enough I guess... I mean they have to test it somehow. However, often remarkable changes can be had with camera settings.
Though I remember phil was actually concerned even with resolution of the jpg...
At any rate the k100d has new jpg algorithms apparently. So it's a whole new boat ride.
I have seen no real thorough reviews of the k100d yet as released. Phil has it in the queue over at dpreview and I hope it is other places too.
From reading first reports of actual users, I don't believe I've heard anyone complain too much about anything. A couple little nitpicks... whish it was thisway or wish it was that way. But, I've read nothing that wasn't overall almost gushing.
I know I personally have decided to stretch my budget on it over earlier DL considerations.
I'm just going to wait a bit to see what else happens in the next month or two.
Very soon I'll be very busy with school anyway. So I might even wait and look for a good holiday deal.

good luck,
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Just take a look at our "The K100D has Arrived" thread that I started today. My experience with the K100D proves that Anti Shake really works well in the K100D.

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After step #2, does the aperture open again (prior to actually taking the picture)?


Edvinas wrote:
To use your lenses on Pentax DSLR you must do following:
1) Go to Menu -> Custom settings -> Using aperture ring and set it to enabled. By default it's disabled.
2) they will work only in Manual mode. So, set camera to M, then set desired aperture with aperture ring on your lense, and press AE-L to measure exposure. Aperture will be closed, exposure measured and shutter speed adjusted accordingly.
3) Take a picture

You need to measure exposure before each shot, do it only when lighting changes

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themacguy wrote:
After step #2, does the aperture open again (prior to actually taking the picture)?


Yes - the AE-L button only stops down the lens temporarily, then it re-opens. I'll usually check the focus again, after I've used the AE-L button to meter.
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