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I have seen a lot of talk about noise at high ISO.

I still don't get it (please help): why is such a big deal?When do you need ISO3200?
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DigitalAddict wrote:
I have seen a lot of talk about noise at high ISO.

I still don't get it (please help): why is such a big deal?When do you need ISO3200?
Hardly ever but the effect is incremental, I do use 800 regularly, a camera that is decent at 3200 is usually quite good at 800. The Sony gets poor marks at anything over 400. One of the reasons that I enjoy my DSLR is its great available light performance, I see no need to compromise that just so my 20" X 30" enlargements aren't a little soft!! Wait a minute, I don't print 20" X 30" images! I print up to 12" X 18" usually (actually seldom over 8" X 10") with an occasional 16" X 20"!!! I think high ISO performance is more important than a capability that I may never use.

That is my point, I want qualitative results not quantitative. BTW a former student came by with a 20" X 30" print from his Canon 20D (just 8MP) and it was magnificent. Sure the pixel peepers will get up close and claim that it looked soft or pixelated (nonsense) but at normal viewing distance it was simple fantastic.

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As you probably read above in my reply to Non, more mp are nice, but certainly not at the price of noise. I truly believe that Pentax might be hold ing off on the K10D introduction because they might want to do it using a 10+mp CMOS imager from Samsung, rather that problematic Sony 10+mp CMOS imager.

It would certainly position Samsung well and secure for them a rather firm place as a DSLR maker/CMOS chip maker. That would surely give Samsung a nice boost. Only time will tell more for us.

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Hi all, I am a new comer to this forum. I recently got one Samsung GX-1S and quite enjoythe body and images.

I reallyagree with above that there willbring us more benefits if samsung could deliver it's CMOS/CCD product instead of using sony's stuff, then the samsung GX2 and pentax k10 orsomeother coming modelswill definitely beat the competitors in the marketwith a lower cost on the image sensor provided by samsung andthe advanced technology like SR provided by pentax. I have confidence and can foresee the success jointly made byPentax and Samsung.
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Monza76 wrote:
I like the idea of a camera with better handling, more buttons to avoid all the menu issues. I would have preferred a D to the DL I have for that reason. I am not willing to give up image "quality" for pixel "quantity" however. I am not impressed with the noise results posted in Popular Photography magazine for the A100, the ISO 3200 on the Pentax models is actually lower noise than the ISO 800 on the Sony (in their tests).

Idd, I use the 3200 regularly at concerts, and it performs very well. The noise is more of a "grain", which is sometimes even a nice effect on concert pictures. (esp. at acoustical ones) (see att. image)

The 800 gives me almost no noise, and I use it almost all the time, I have shaky hands, so I like being able to shoot fast.

I am really looking forward to this one. A front command dial would be great. So would SR, but I don't have the courage to save up for a K100D if the only major difference is going to be the SR...

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