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vIZnquest wrote:
Wow dissn' Rockwell makes everybody no better than him.

I have the 18-200mm VR II lens and all I have read here that puts it down is bunk.

I have it and use it and find it to be a very good lens. Does sports (with the D200)very well where my Pentax ist DS (even after the firmware upgrade) struggles in comparison.

I don't much like it when I read posts that puts down other makes to justify what one has instead.

Guess this is where I go out the door and not bother with this forum again.

I enjoy my DS very much and look forward to getting the K100 sometime down the road but guess I will stick more to just shooting and enjoying my results and sharing with my family, friends and co-workers. They could care less what camera took the picture.
Sorry you feel that way vIZnquest. I usually wouldn't respond to a post like this but let me make one thing very clear, nowhere in this thread did I in any way imply any lack of quality of any brand of DSLR camera. In many posts I have stated ythat the worst of these cameras is merely fantastic. I have great respect for Nikon and did not imply any problem with this particular lens, other than the fact that, like any lens of this zoom range, there may be some optical compromises. The only comments I read here deal with that fact. Nikon probably makes the best 18-200mm out there, but it cannot match some of the other Nikon glass that covers lesser zoom ranges. I do not see any reference to Pentax being, in any way, superior to Nikon in this thread.

As for my comments on Mr. Rockwell, I stated clearly that it was not Mr. Rockwell's knowledge or abilities that I took issue with. Read his site again and then remember that you were the one who said, "I don't much like it when I read posts that puts down other makes to justify what one has instead.". I apologize for any comment I may have made and humbly withdraw them.

I submit my apology to all here for any comments I have made.

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Monza76 wrote:
I submit my apology to all here for any comments I have made.

Why? I can't see the need for that.

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You don't need to defend yourself. I've owned N-k-n before and enjoyed it at the time. Now I have Pentax, and I prefer it. I like the way it feels in the hands to USE. It's lightweight, comfortable and all the controls are in the right place. Pentax glass is great, so I couldn't be happier!
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Hi fogueira

If you are still Interested. I use the Pentax FA 28-105MM F3.2-4.5. In My Humble opinion, Its a great walkaround lense.

fogueira wrote:
My heart wants to get a K100D. I love the idea of old lenses, stabilization in the camera, a big viewfinder and AA batteries. However, I need a walkaround lens. Pentax informed me they would not be making an equivalent of the Nikon 18-200 f/3.5, and they don't even seem to have a current 28-200 model, at least not that I can find anywhere. Are they shooting themselves in the foot? I don't like what I've read about lousy autofocus of the Tamron and Sigma equivalents. Am I missing something?

Also, if I do get a K1000, what is the best reasonably priced used lens for bird photography?

Thanks in advance,

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