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I use NiHi 2300 mA/H which on a full charge last for ages & when used on consecutive days will enable in excess of 500 shots.

I have a fast 'intelligent' charger which charges each of 4 cells independently; yes the cells get hot but they are quite cheap these days and so once their performance wains, I'll just buy another set.
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The Pentax manual even states that the included alkaline batteries are only for testing the functions of the camera.

Energizer 2500 mAh last quite a long time, over 500 exposures, and can be found in a pack of eight for $20.
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desipentax wrote:
I mean will my camera will take only CRV3 batteries( very expensive and rare). Why it doesn't power up with 4 AA alkaline ones. Though it worked for the first time( new out of box), when i tested with the AA alkaline battteries that came with the camera. Any solutions???
Alkaline AA are too weak. Use one of the following:

- rechargeable AA size NiMH. However they discharge themselves, so make sure you charge them before putting into camera. They have 1,2V instead of 1,5V and therefore autofocus performs worse than in case of CRV3 or AA lithiums;

- CRV3;

- AA size lithium batteries (Energizer makes them). This is ideal choice for backup batteries. They don't discharge, they can stay unused for years. They are long lasting. People are able to make 1000+ shots with one set. They don't afraid of cold weather, you can use them outside in wintertime. I know that some Pentax owners use AA lithiums all the time. considering fact that they last more than 1000 shots, you don't need to change them often...

Don't use as a backup AA alkalines as someone suggested.

Regarding rechargeable lithiums (RCRV3). Problem with those is higher voltage. However there are voltage controlled RCVR3s. Also I know that some people use regular RCRV3 with higher voltage and enjoy even faster AF performance (it is dependant on voltage).

I use 2500mAh Energizer NiMH rechageables and have CRV3 (which came with my Pentax) for a backup.

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