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Hi All

Thanks to the help of you guys onthis forum and the reviews, I recently purchased the DL. I must say, what an awesome piece of equipment. Especially if your last camera was a 4MP, 4xDigital Point and shoot. It's like seeing for the first time useing the DL.

The adivce I need howerver is on lenses. Currently I have the kit lense (18-55DA). Since I'm still learning and still trying to understand all the F stop etc etc terminology and specs for what I require of a lense it's rather daunting trying to decide on a lens

For now I'm interested in the DA 50-200 which seems to be a good choice at this point in time for me, looking at other threads. My question is, how does this lens compare with that of the FA-J 75-300 F4.5-5.8? :?

This lens is of course not specific to the DL as the DA series and looking at the information from Pentax,it seems I will be getting the same results as the DA 50-200 which is the equivalent - if I understand it correctly. My problem lies with cost and availbility. The FA-J is lmost half the price here locally (South Africa) and seems to be more readily available for some strange reason. Do I save up of the DA and wait for stock, or take the FA-J, save time and money and potentially have a lens that's not that good?

Apologies for the long post, but any advice will be great! :G

Thanks, Heff.

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Hi and welcome Heff!

I've been waiting quite some time for a South African to show up on this forum, even though I live at the other pole. I've been to your country nearly every year since '94, mostly to EC and WC. The only town I have visited that can compete with CT in beauty is Stockholm. What part of town do you live in?

Sorry I can't help you with your question, I haven't had any of the leses. But they are not equal, the focal length of them are what it says on both (check this thread for focal length equiv.: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...540382#p540382

Again, welcome Africa!


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Hi, Thanks!

I'll go have a look at the thread you mention. The focal length you mentioned does ring some bells and should then answer the question!

I'm working in Stellenbosch (mmm wine country :-)), about 45min drive from CT. Live in the Kraaifontein area to be closer to work.

But yeah, CT is a beautiful place! I've lived in other parts of the country (Johannesurg& Durban) and nothing competes. Unfortunelty I don't travel much (yet) but hope to see Stockholm too! Hey, maybe we'll bump into each other here in CT one day

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Welcome to the Pentax DSLR forum. It is a friendly group and were all here to help each other. I am the Lesson author of the Flash Thread. We don't guarantee that you will learn every single thing about flash, but it is also a good place to ask flash questions as well.

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