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Now that my Sigma 24-135 seems to be working I was thinking it a good idea to get a UV filter to protect the lens. I checked at one store locally and the filter was almost as expensive as the lens! (about $80) What should a 77mm filter cost and are there more economical sources? Anyone have one they no longer need/want?

Cheers, Mike

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i dunno what you think about filters, if you want expensive, cheap, multi-coated, there are many options! i haven't had a problem with the cheap ones on ebay - search kenko filters and the size you need - those can be had for $10-15. you could go with hoya filters, for that size i'd guess you'd probably run upto the $25-30 range.
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Here is the cheapest I found at B&H: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/cont...ughType=search . B&H doesn't generally "stick it to you" as far as shipping costs.
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I bought a Tiffen, like you say it cost almost as much as the lens, but $150 total for a lens that retails at about $700 wasn't too bad. I use this lens a lot, it is what is on the camera most often. I was also very lucky since I already had a circular polarizer that I got in a deal similar to this lens. Bought a Phoenix 19-35mm lens and got the 77mm polarizer for $15 extra!!


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i get all mine from these folks. $4 shipping no matter how big an order. their prices are good and ck out the 10% discount. i'vge ordered on monday and received by or on friday.


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Thanks for the replies to this posting. Now a followup question ... there is a wide price variation depending on the amout and type of coating on the filter. No doubt the reply is a bit like "you get what you pay for", but for practical purposes what is the collective wisdom on the "level" of coating one should purchase when looking for a UV filter primarily to protect the lens? Is the uncoated on OK, or will it cause problems when shooting in bright sun or in other conditions?

See for example this site from Roy's post:


Cheers, Mike
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my two cents on filters,

i'd get the same level uv filter as the rest of my filters (i should say i've got). i'm happy with the Hoya filters at the next to the best level of coatings, but if i thought i could afford them i'd get the best ones. definitely would not get uncoated or bargain type filters. if you've decided to keep the uv on all the time it might be your most important filter as most of your pics are taken with it so i'd think you'd want the best you could afford.

by the way i've dealt several times with these people www.2filter.com in connecticut, and they are real good, nice to deal with, fast (and not too expensive) shipping, etc.

again, just my 2 cents, eric
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