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I am without my camera for the next two weeks, :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:

I just orderd my new lens (Tamron SP) and it will be here next week (I hope)

I was down chatting with my Pentax repairman as he showed me his exquisite Pentax lens collection of rare glass (jealous jealous) and I bragged about how cheaply I got my new 200-500mm lens. :lol::lol::lol:

I was comparing my DL against the K100D and had them up against each other and looking at the differences in the body and decided to do a comparison between the viewfinders.

Thats when I noticed.......:?:?:?:?:? the top of my viewfinder looked like it had a dip in it, a sag. The top black edge as you looked through the viewfinder looked slightly dipped down like it had melted or some of the "whatever" had moved and dislodged...:O:O:O

I asked him to look at it and being a great bloke he did, he says that it will be the focusing screen.

So he pulls the screen out, re-aligns it, gives me a freebie sensor clean and goes "There you are."

Guess what???? Nope, still crooked. He goes, "I will need your camera for the day and maybe most of tomorrow I will need to take the top off your DL"

So I ring him today to see what time I can pick my camera up and he asks me if I am still under warranty, (Yes I am) and he goes on to tell me that it will need to go back to Pentax for two weeks to have a new what ever fixed replaced.....

I wonder if they will upgrade me to a K100D :G:G:G:G:G:G:G

So right now I am having camera withdrawals, it is not that I NEED to have my camera, it is that fact that I CAN't have my camera if I wanted it.

For all you Aussies out there...."Not happy, Jan!!!!"

This might some way to explain why I needed the LL-60 focus screen to get my shots level, I am forever shooting at a lean..:?:?:?

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I don't have any excuse like that, and I still get my horizon lines leaning. I figured that it's because I'm just a little off-kilter...

I feel for you - you have my sympathy - nothing worse than being camera-less!
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mtngal wrote:
I don't have any excuse like that, and I still get my horizon lines leaning. I figured that it's because I'm just a little off-kilter.
Getting the horizon level must be one of the more difficult things to accomplish.

I believe the problem is that the eye (brain) views the scene correctly but the user fails to correct for the position of the camera.

Fortunately, post processing levels things out nicely.
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